#TheFlash 3x06 "Shade" Recap & Review

This week, on the Flash, Wally begins to have dreams, as Alchemy reaches out to him to receive his speed. The team tries to figure out how to keep Wally away from Alchemy while trying to stop the villain. Things get more difficult as a metahuman that controls shadows appears. Named "Shade," the meta got his powers form Alchemy, as Julian finds another husk. 

Caitlin reveals to Cisco that she is developing powers and asks him to Vibe her future to see if she turns evil. He sees that she does, but lies to her, saying that she doesn't. The team looks Wally in the Pipeline to keep him away from Alchemy, while Joe, Joe's new love interest, H.R., Caitlin, and Cisco go to a movie in a park. Shade attacks the movie, but Flash and Cisco are able to stop and capture the meta. 

Date crashes

Date crashes

Back at Star Labs, Caitlin reveals to the team that she has developed powers. Barry talks to her as Wally's condition worsens. They come up with a plan to have Wally go to Alchemy, leading the Flash and the CCPD right to him. They find Alchemy and, after a short fight, Flash is able to restrain Alchemy's followers and the CCPD surround Alchemy. 

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Alchemy tells them they can't stop what has started and the ground begins to shake. A white blur zooms around the room; one that only Barry can see. It brutally takes down the CCPD officers, while Joe and Wally try to escape. In the struggle, Barry is knocked over, and Joe goes to his aid. Wally sees the Philosopher's Stone, the source of Alchemy's power, and picks it up. He is immediately encased in a kind of cocoon. Barry is grabbed and pinned to the wall by a large armored being. He introduces himself as "Savitar, the god of speed" and the episode ends. 

Savitar, The God of Speed

Savitar, The God of Speed

This week, we were given a mid-season finale quality episode. We are almost given Kid Flash, though it will happen, a showdown with Alchemy, and our first look at the speed god Savitar.

            So this episode gives us a look at how Alchemy is able to give people powers that they had in Flashpoint. They appear to be encased in a cocoon where they go through a kind metamorphosis and gain their powers. This explains where the husks come from.

            We don’t see much new from Alchemy. We get a better look at the philosopher’s stone and how he is able to use it. We also see evidence of him actually being a servant of Savitar. We see this in his act of bowing when the speed God makes his appearance.

            Now we move on to the big news. Savitar. The god of speed makes his debut. He is a towering being, fully clad in armor, with a blue light emanating from his core. I can see why the designers wanted him to look less human than his comic counterpart and it works out really well. We see his incredible speed in the fact that only Barry can even make out a white blur when he moves. Everyone else can’t even see him. His brutality was already seen in his murder of Edward Clariss, but we see it, even more, when he takes out the SWAT officers. It is going to take much more than getting faster to defeat the god of speed.

Here is a Promo for next week's episode.


-What d you think of Savitar?

-Do you want to see Wally, Cisco, and Barry fight Savitar together?

-What do you think will happen to Caitlin?