#The Flash S2 Ep21 "The Runaway Dinosaur" Recap Enter the Speed Force

This week’s episode of the Flash took us into the Speed Force, the natural force that gives Barry and other speedsters their powers. The team initially believes Barry was killed during their attempt to get his speed back, but Cisco discovers that he is instead, stuck somewhere in another dimension. The speed force is revealed to have some kind of sentience, projecting a Central City setting and communication through versions of Barry’s loved ones. It fist appears a Joe. As Joe, the Speed Force informs Barry where he is and how to leave. Back on Earth 1, the team discovers that their controlled particle accelerator explosion has had unforeseen consequences as it reanimates the corpses of Tony Woodward, aka Girder, who was killed back in season 1. The zombie like Girder roams around the city, while the team tries to figure out how to stop him. Back in the Speed Force, Barry is visited by projections of Iris and his father who help Barry understand more about the force and his powers. Barry chases after a blur, which he is told is the only way to leave the Speedforce with his powers. Back on Earth 1, the team makes a break through. They discover that Girder is looking for Iris and they use her as bait in a failed attempt to stop him. Everyone retreats to the Breacher room where they are now trapped. He returns to his old family home where is Mother is waiting for him. She helps Barry accept the fact that she is gone forever, but will always love him. Barry accepts this haunting fact and is able to catch the blur, which is a projection of The Flash. Cisco vibes with Iris to try to get Barry out of the Speedforce. They succeed in bringing Barry back to Earth 1 just in time for Girder to break into the Breacher room. The Flash takes Iris and draws Girder to the room where they had previously failed to defeat him. But with the help of the Flash, they are able to put the zombified metahuman down for good. The Flash was back and ready to fight for his city and his friends.

            At CCPD, Zoom gives Caitlin and ultimatum. If she was still there when he returned from addressing his soldiers, he would know she was with him. But, if she was gone, she would share the fate of her friends, whom she would choose over him. The episode ends with Zoom addressing a room with a few dozen Earth 2 Metahumans, ready to follow his commands.

This was a fun episode. We get a look into the mysterious speed force. This is a good episode to have before the season finale; a calm before the storm. Most of the characters get good exposure and we see the return of Michelle Harrison as Nora Allen. This episode was fun, because after the uncharacteristically dark events that took place in the previous episode, it felt good to see everyone getting a break. Though a zombified Girder isn't really a break, he ultimately wasn't that difficult to take down and wasn't out to destroy the city. The feel of the episode was a good breather before the inevitably intense season finale. 

The lack of Zoom and Caitlin in this episode was surprising, only showing up in the short epilogue. This could be that both of these characters were explored more last episode and with everything coming to a head next week, it is exciting to see what all will happen. Stay tuned.



-Will Caitlin stay with Zoom or go back to her Friends?

-Who is the man in the Metal Mask?

-Will Barry's acceptance of the Speed Force and his mother's death make him more powerful?