#TheFosters Mid-Season Review & Recap Leading Up To The "Collateral Damage"

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The fosters mid-season finale was an action packed episode, while we are still dealing with issues from the recent episodes were faced with brand new challenges. While I haven't written about the previous episodes I will recap everything in this somewhat massive recap. Now the last episode I reviewed was Lena's 40th. A lot has happened with every member of the Adams-Foster family and outside influences have also shaped the family.  

   Let's start off with Mariana, she has been really stressed out figuring out how to move on from the Nick drama. Along with figuring out stuff for stem\robotics club and all homework on top of dealing with family stuff. She started taking Jesus's medicine to balance out the frazziness that she had to deal with from home and school. She ends up at the robotics competition and ends up almost not placing in finals but then a rival team helps them place and they officially are in the running to go to another competition in a different state. She and Mat are still working on their relationship. 
   Jesus is still a great big brother who mainly wants to reconnect with his birth father. He has the opportunity to when the mama's take care of getting him off the sex offender registry, their only stipulation was that Gabe was to finish remodeling the garage. Gabe didn't show for a couple days so he was helping out while he was supposed to be helping Mariana with her robotics stuff, and was using the nail gun and it backfired on him and thought he was fine, then at a family meeting collapsed so they went to the hospital and found out that he shot a nail into his head do the doctors removed it but cautioned the family that one more blow to the head and it could cause severe damage to his brain etc. He and Emma are also working on a relationship together. 

   Brandon is dealing with school, thinking about the audition for julliard and even his relationship with Courtney. He is struggling to balance work, his home life with Courtney and Courtneys child Mason and school along with practicing for his school audition. He is struggling with money so he puts up an ad at school to earn some extra cash. He ends up taking an sat test for someone and gets paid that way and it ends up having serious repercussions.  He auditions for julliard in new York gets in but his acception gets retracted because of his mistake. The kid that paid him took the SATs again and taking someone else's test is strictly frowned upon so the sat board got involved and Brandon not getting to go to julliard is his punishment for taking another person's sat test. When in new York he writes a letter breaking up with Courtney and sends it. So it's unsure about the fate of Brandon and Courtney at this moment. 

Jude is still trying to figure out who he is as a person. He has made a new friend named Noah and he is the pastors son. Jude found out that Noah has anxiety issues so he has access to medical marjuana and finds out that he eats weed in stuff like gummy worms, he is curious so jude tries it too. Callie finds out and talks to Noah and warns him not to give Jude any more pot. The mamas walk into the garage and find jude and Noah smoking and grounds jude from seeing Noah for the time being. 

Callie is still doing her investigating into her old foster brothers wrongful murder conviction and has been visted by the cops once about following up on a lead about the murder investigation. Her and A.J. are having a hard time finding a place for intimacy since none of the adults want them to do it under thier roofs, so in the middle of the mama's house trouble which they are "divorcing" so they can get out of selling the house, they end up kinda getting caught by the realtor while she was showing the house one day. Callie is also having a hard time finishing her senior project because she's spending so much time trying to prove her foster brothers innocence. 

Let's shift gears and spend time talking about the mama's and Mike. The adults all do what is best for their children, and themselves too. They have just as much stress from their jobs as the kids do about school. Lena's job was in question because of the way they handled Gabe building the set of r&j and then his deal with mamas for helping him get off the registry of sex offenders. Ana's parents made it so he was on the list, she was 16 and he was 19 I think but it was consensual and in my opinion shouldn't have even been put on the registry in the first place. 

Now there is about six episodes that I didnt really review because I felt like they crossed over to the next episode etc, but now I don't remember what happened in the episodes i missed reviewing. The last two episodes of this first half really gives us an idea that there is more great episodes on the way. 
Brandon goes to new York for his audition, Callie is set on stopping a bill that Justina and her company put on the ballot for foster care and is also finding ways to help her foster brother out of a bad situation that landed him in jail.

We are unsure of Jesus's status at the end of the mid-season finale because of Nick hitting him in the head. Jude against mamas wishes is hanging out with Noah and at the end of the mid-season finale we see Callie's sister Sophia getting chased by the adult we think had something to do with Callie's Foster brothers  home case. We also see Callie get in the car with a potential suspect in Callie's foster brothers case.  

We will find out everything about Jesus, Mariana, Callie, Jude, Brandon, A.J. and the mama's when the Fosters comes back!