#TheGifted S1 Ep 11 "3x1" Recap & Review Plus Renewal News

The episode starts off with a flashback of Blink two years earlier. She is confronted by KKK like vigilantes called the Purifiers outside the movies theatre while she was on a date with a human and is forced to flee the scene. Neither her date or any others will stand by her. She is forced to escape alone.

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In the present, we are taken to the sites of the mutant funeral for Dreamer and for the Agents that were killed in the escape. Polaris Eclipse and Agent Turner all give moving speeches for their friends; Both sides vow to avenge their deaths and to continue to fight.

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We also see the Esme Triplets meeting with the organization they secretly work. This group appears to be well funded as well as more tolerant of violence. They are sent to recruit the other mutants to ally with the groups. At the same time, Dr.Campbell is telling Agent Reed about his new super weapon to defeat the mutants. He has developed a formula based on the Strucker test where he can combine two mutants power and control them with drugs. He convinces Agent Turner to let him test this weapon in the field.

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At mutant base, Esme shows up to make their pitch. The tell the others they need them for but numbers and disguise because they are known on sight. Polaris is open to the idea, but Eclipse and the Struckers are undecided.Esme leaves to give Johnny who is distraught over Dreamer time to decide.The Strucker family decide to go to Mexico because of Esme as well as the other mutants fear of their powers. Ultimately we kind of know Esme only cares about the Strucker kids.

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The family departs for Mexico despite Eclipse's attempt to stop them. They enter a safe stop where they run into Lauren's friend Wes. Andy who is feeling left outbreaks from the group and runs into one of the Esme. She tells him he needs to go back because the group needs him to survive. At the same time, one of Esme appears to Polaris and encourages her to join them. She states that Polaris's birth father was a King in the mutant world and both herself and child are royalty. Esme also confirms Polaris will grow stronger as the baby grows.

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Agent Turner receives a tip on a mutant hideout and orders a raid along with Dr. Campbell's mutants. Unfortunately it, of course, is the safe station where the Struckers are. Dr. Campbell's mutants start blasting the building apart after a one-second warning. They can send a message to HQ for help. Johnny and the others leave to help. In the first blast, Andy was knocked out so only Lauren and Wes can defend the group. Many mutants are captured or injured in the attack, but Wes and Lauren manage to shield the family.

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Johnny and the others portal in via Blink and help the Struckers escape. While they are being pursued in the woods, Andy awakes and tells the others he knows the way out. He leads them through the woods to three SUVs being driven by Esme.This second saving has convinced the group to join Esme for the war. The attack has also brought the Struckers and Wes back to HQ.

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In the closing, we see Esme again telling their leader that not only are the Struckers with them but they also were the ones that informed Agent Turner of the locale.

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Powerful episode the new group with Esme adds darkness on both sides in the battle. I would give the episode a 9. 

It has received mostly positive reviews from critics, particularly for its social commentary and cast. In January 2018, the show was renewed for a second season.

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