#TheGifted Season 1 Episode 5 "boXed in" Recap & Review

Episode 5 begins with Agent Turner's flashback to the Mutant incident in Dallas four years prior. We learn that he was at a picnic when his daughter was killed by an explosion coming from a mutant protest. We still do not know what led to the explosion, but it was the catalyst that propelled him from Dallas cop to Sentinel Agent.

Meanwhile, on current time the Struckers and Mutants continue to flee Sentinel Agents and attempt to reach their base. After Thunderbird informs the others about Pulse's return, they agree Eclipse and Polaris will lead a Sentinel drone on a diversion while the others return to base. Eclipse and Polaris combine their powers to destroy the drone on the decoy run. They continue driving and discuss their baby and future. The name of Aurora for a girl is proposed by Polaris, but she shoots down Rory for a boy. The couple has at least a few moments of relaxing normalcy before the next crisis. 

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At base camp, the parents are reunited with the teens and learn that Harry was shot in the rescue mission. Blink also realizes that her memory of Johnny may have been altered by Dreamer. Reed is confronted by Tex who calls him out as a traitor to the Mutant cause based on his wearing a wire during the previous meeting at the bar. There is an extreme increase in mutants at the base as pressure by Sentinel agents has caused all of them to flee as a result of the attack during the rescue.

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On the road, Agent Turner has established roadblocks to recapture Polaris. When the duo hits a block, the plan backfires as a ticked off Polaris quickly dispatches the agents and captures Turner instead. The duo then takes him prisoner and move to a safe location for questioning related to Pulse's conversion. They are unable to gain information with force but do learn about his daughter. Polaris contacts Dreamer is seeking her assistance in the questioning.

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At base, Johnny jumps in to stop the attack and hostility on Reed. Reed attempts to apologize and offers his assistance in defence of the base. He also asks Kate and the twins to help treat Harry who appears to be on the brink of death. Reed joins Sage and Johnny in the base center where they are monitoring Sentinel communication. Kate and the twins work to save Harry who is in need of surgery to remove the bullet and stop the internal bleeding.

Blink and Dreamer join the duo to question Turner. Dreamer uses her powers to enter his memories which verifies Blink's idea that Dreamer had altered her mind. Unfortunately, before obtaining the information, the hideout is surrounded and attacked by Sentinel Agents.

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Back at base Reed discovers in the radio calls a pattern indicating Sentinel will be closing in on the base via a grid search. He volunteers despite Kate's objection to lead Sentinel away by going into the city and being seen on police camera. Tex unenthusiastically agrees to go with and be Reed's escape driver. Meanwhile, Kate performs surgery on Harry to remove the bullet.

At the hideout, Dreamer is forced to break out of the mind link with Agent Turner. Blink has opened a portal to the Home base as the others are unable to repel the Sentinel assault any longer without killing agents. Dreamer warns that she has broken to rapidly from Turner's memories and he appears to be in extreme pain. They do portal back home despite a tear gas barrage and Sentinel assault.

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On the street Reed's plan to be seen on camera works but he now must escape police capture. Tex, of course, is not at the meeting place and Reed flees upstreet amid police bullets. He runs into Tex's invisible car, and Tex relays that he had to see Reed's loyalty. The two then escape and head for home as Sage monitors Sentinel communication which indicates the success of the plan.

Kate manages to remove the bullet from Harry but is unable to stop a ruptured artery. Lauren then jumps in using her power to place pressure around the artery saving Harry while Kate sews the damaged artery together. The Struckers work saves Harry and is witnessed by the other mutants at the base. This combined with Reed's actions has made them welcome by the others.

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The final scenes involve all the results of the day's actions. Blink confronts Dreamer, and after her admission to mind-altering Blink's memories, Blink warns her to stay away from her. The Struckers sit together for a meal and agree to stay at base and help the mutants with their operations. The episode ends with Agent Turner returning home to his wife, and sadly we hear that he believed his daughter was still alive. We see how destructive Dreamer's powers can be if they go wrong

The show continues to thrill I would give this episode a 9.