#TheGifted S1 Ep 10 "eXploited" Recap & Review

I was worried The Gifted might be heading down a Disney route after episode nine, but those concerns were brought to a crashing halt. In an episode dark enough for classic Twilight Zone or American Horror story The Gifted went further than the X-Men ever did. The episode set the stage for the series but cost us not only the innocence of the show but the heart of the mutant rebels.

The episode starts with a team meeting where Polaris is attempting to rally the troops for a counterattack. Esme also wants to attack, but the Struckers wish to take a political route. They think the government will still protect the mutants rights. Johnny calms the group, and since they are out workforce and Intel, they decide to hold off and watch Trask. They send spies to see if any movement is happening at the lab.

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The Reeds return to their quarters and discuss their options. They realize none of their friends would want to aide them now that they are wanted. Esme enters and uses her telepathy to convince them to contact Agent Turner. She makes them believe that he will be convinced to have pity on them and save their children. Remember it is key we do not know the extent of Esme's power.

Ironically we see Agent Turner's mind when he questions Dreamer at Sentinel HQ. She refuses to give him any information, but he doesn't care. He tells her he is sending herself and Blink to Trask for the hound project out of vengeance for his daughter. Originally Turner was not going to send the Struckers, but he folds under pressure.

Reed and Kate head off to Agent Turner's house to convince him to send the mutants to court instead of the lab. Really when you think about it based on the other eps, this is crazy. He had Reed a nonmutant U.S. Attorney in custody and gave him zero legal rights.Regardless they end up at the Turner house and take them hostage.They play to the memory of the daughter and possibly convince Mrs. Turner that he has gone too far.

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Dr. Campbell now has what he has wanted the Strucker kids. He brings them into a test room made of Wolverine Metal and wants them to demonstrate their power. The refuse and he zaps Lauren with a shock. The two stand firm Dr. Campbell shuts off the cameras for a moment and the returns. When he is back, he is holding a gun and tells the siblings to perform or else. Dreamer assures them not to use their power, and Campbell shoots her dead. The siblings worried about Blink use their power and almost take out the lab. Campbell though and his techs retrieve the data they want from the test.

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At Base, Esme twists the story about the Struckers to the others as a betrayal. Polaris wants to attack right away, but Johnny sees an opportunity for an escape.If Agent Turner decides to pull the mutants from the lab, they will be able to strike.They receive info from the lab that there are preparations for a move.They only have Johnny Polaris Eclipse and Esme for this strike.

Once at Trask Agent Turner demands the return of all mutants. He also learns of Dreamer's death and states that there will be an inquiry. They load all the mutants into a corrections bus with Sentinel collars on and head for the gate.They are unaware that the mutants are at the gate waiting to strike. We are about to see Esme for real.

The mutants are in the wood outside the gate and Eclipse thinks they need a closer look. Esme says she will be of help to pick up the gate guards thoughts and then all hell is thrown loose. Esme has the power to control minds not just feel them. After she tasers Eclipse, she has Agent Turner's men kill either themselves or others and frees the prisoner mutants. We see Esme's sisters they are triplets, and the can control people like them were Borg, and they kill the rest of the agents. 

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The Struckers had made it back to base too late to hear about the plan. They are confronted as traitors, but they all realize Esme was pulling strings.Eclipse revives and goes back to tell the others as gunshots echo "She has killed them all."

It was a dark but great episode. I would give it a 9.