#TheGifted S1 E 7 "eXtreme measures" Recap & Review

I have to apologize for this review because it may seem not in viewing order. I watched the episode three times, but because of my dyslexia and the story bounce backs, I can not do it linearly. It was a solid episode with four stories.

When the last episode ended, Carmen was calling in her chip on Eclipse. She needed his help to destroy rival Russian drug shipments. He agreed to meet her and help as long as he did not have to kill anyone. We also saw a flashback where Johnny and Polaris recruited Eclipse and took him from the drug world. Eclipse agrees to this deal meanwhile Polaris and Dreamer follow him in an attempt to stop his actions.

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At camp we have a Lauren and Wes love story turning into Romeo and Juliet. Reed finds out his daughter's boyfriend has been a criminal. This story seems really odd since the kid is accused of some jewel thefts in a world where the government penalty for mutants is death. Regardless he apologizes and leaves the camp.

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Eclipse continues to training, the new young new recruits preparing them for a fight, I must say Andy's abilities are improving and by this is mean he is learning to control his unbelievable strength. 

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We also have the search for Blink. Johnny left looking for her hoping to stop her capture; He convinces her that he is sorry an that she needs him on her quest, The two embark attempting to find Blink's vision from episode 2. We learn that Sentinel killed her family and she will return for revenge.

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The fourth story involves Agent Turner and his mutant search. He and Dr. Campbell continue on their mutant hunt including giving a stroke to a DOJ Attorney. Agent Turner appears to be questioning the tactics finally.

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The final scene is the confrontation between Polaris and Eclipse; he is trying to explain that he did it for them but Polaris is not buying it mainly because she saw him in person and he looks like he enjoyed it. She and Dreamer went to save him but witnessed him helping and kissing Carmen. 

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I guess the episode might be lost, love. Wes is leaving Polaris is mad, and Dreamer and Blink are confused. I would give the episode 8