#TheGifted S1 E6 "Got Your siX" Recap & Review

Got your siX sends a team of the mutant on a mission to retrieve information in the Louisiana Federal Building. The episode begins with a flashback where Johnny recalls the days when he and Purge were attempting to raise money for those injured in the Dallas incident. The group of mutant vets is attacked by vigilantes who toss a bomb at the group. People are injured in the attack, but Johnny saved the lives of women who would have been killed.

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In the present time, Johnny is confronted by Blink regarding his participation in her memory manipulation. Despite his apology and statement that he was unaware of the incident until after she is bitter and unforgiving. She blames him for not telling her and decides to leave the base and portals away.

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In the base office, Reed and the mutants were preparing a plan to infiltrate the office of the Judge in the center of the mutant trials. They believe he will have information relating to Pulse and what happened to others that have disappeared. Eclipse, Reed and now Andy will be the team sent on the mission. Andy became necessary to the mission after Blink left the base. Johnny Polaris Lauren and Kate will remain at the base to help maintain order as the more mutant keep arriving looking for safety.

Meanwhile, at Sentinel HQ Agent Turner returns with an even more significant hatred of mutants. At first, he is told he is not ready for duty, but we learn strings have been pulled allowing his return. Dr. Campbell returns to the story and agrees to help in Agent Turner's return in exchange for being able to examine the Strucker teens. Agent Turner driven by hatred will agree to any deal that allows him to return to the hunt.

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The mission team embarks on the road in the trailer of a semi for the federal building. While on the road Reed attempts to connect with Andy and learn more about how his new power is affecting him. Unfortunately, the group is stopped by a State Trooper looking for fleeing mutants. Eclipse was able to bend the light in the trailer to make it appear empty to the trooper, and they are allowed to continue. The driver though had given a story to the officer that they were going to Denver a fact that will come back to haunt them.

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Back at Base Polaris begins to train Lauren and other young mutants intoning their powers. This leads to a confrontation with Kate who is still not convinced kids should be prepping for battle. She pulls Lauren from the class and wants her to assist in plans for teaching the kids safer and more normal life skills. Kate is gathering books and school materials for the kids.

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Upon arrival at the Federal building, the initial plan hits a snag. Sentinel troops now guard the building. They alter their plan to break in through the adjacent parking garage wall using Andy's power. He shatters the wall and Reed, and Eclipse enters and searches for data on the mutants.They retrieve computer drives and files then Eclipse torches the Judge's office over Reed's objection. They do successfully make their escape back to the truck.

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We are introduced to Wes at camp a teen mutant who has the power of creating illusions.  He arrives just in time, and it is lucky for the group he has a crush on Lauren because the mission is about to break down. Interstate Highway cameras picked up the truck by the Federal building after the trooper entered the information of their route to Denver. They are now being followed and heading for a roadblock.

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Polaris Lauren and now Wes head for the roadblock to assist the team. Polaris tells Eclipse to trust her and drive straight for the roadblock. Polaris will divert the police bullets while Lauren creates a bridge over the roadblock using her power. Wes will the create an illusion that keeps the police from trailing the truck. Polaris convinces the teens to focus as this will be pushing their abilities to new limits. Lauren and Wes come through, and the Eclipse trio are able to avoid capture and make it back to base. The escape makes Agent Turner even angrier who then orders the surveillance of all cell phones within 50 miles of the site.  We also see the continuing element that the stronger a mutants emotions are, the stronger their power will be.

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The closing scene has a number of elements, Johnny and Dreamer study the documents obtained in the raid. Kate and Reed reunite she gives him a ring found in one of the storerooms to replace his wedding ring he lost in prison. Reed then attempts to talk to Andy about his feelings but instead, the two end up playing Monopoly. The final sequence has Eclipse awoken from a phone call from Carmen. She tells him she is calling in one of her chips and that he must come or she will call Sentinel. UNTIL NEXT EP

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The show continues to have strong acting and dialog. The special effects and action remain steady and amaze. I would give this episode an 8.