#TheGifted S1 Ep8 "Threat Of eXtinction" Review

This week gifted delved into the Strucker family history while attempting to learn more about Sentinel. We also were presented with a new threat a mutant traitor that infiltrated the base.

The episode began with a scene set in 1952 London. The brother and sister mutant duo that Dr. Campbell spoke of are shown escaping authorities. The two appear to have extreme power when holding hands which intensify their power. We later learn that the brother is Reed's grandfather and the siblings had the same power as the Strucker teens.

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The Base starts with a mission sending Johnny Eclipse and Blink to pick up some mutant refugees at a church. Polaris refuses to go due to the tension on her relationship with Eclipse stemming from last week. He has apologized and explained why he worked for Carmen but she is not convinced that he is still not attracted to the life. The group then leaves without her.

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Reed informs his family of the information that He and Data found in the Federal files. They did not learn the actual method of how the mutants were converted but saw the name of a defense contractor that was involved Track Industry. Reed's estranged father worked for this company for 35 years. Reed tells his family about this and explains that he has not seen his father in over 20 years.Reed plans to see his father when Johnny returns from the mission.

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When the group arrives at the church, they meet some mutants. One is a telepath that senses that one of the others is a traitor. Johnny confronts the girl, and she attacks them with lightning speed and strength. Johnny restrains her with the help of Eclipse and Blink. It is an exciting battle where the three must combine their powers to capture her. She does injure a number of the other mutants in the attack including the telepath. Blink also meets a young blue mutant girl who appears to be in shock. Once the traitor is detained, they return to base.

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Johnny and Reed head out to see Reed's father who is now retired and owns a clock shop. Otto at first is hostile to Reed and Johnny but agrees to speak with them He denies any knowledge of mutant experiments until he hears about his grandchildren's powers. He then admits that he was involved in a plan to cure or rid the mutant gene. If this sounds familiar, it is basically X-Men 3. He and Reed then go upstairs to talk alone so Otto can give Reed the details.

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Otto tells him about his mutant father and aunt and their extreme power. He also tells Reed that he was able to cure one mutant him. It turns out Reed was a mutant, and the serum took away his powers. Otto warns Reed that the teens may follow in his father's and aunt's path if they combine their powers. We actually know to some extent they already have. We are not sure what Reed actually believe but based on his past he will probably believe the Otto/Government version. Unfortunately, Sentinel agents with Dr. Campbell arrive at the store.

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Sentinel brings Pulse who takes out Johnny's power, and it appears they may be captured. Otto goes downstairs to speak with Campbell and the agents while Johnny and Reed look for an escape.Otto attempts to delay the agents, but they insist on a search. We then see the extent of the Stucker power as Otto uses his mutant power and create an explosion despite Pulse. When Johnny and Reed come downstairs, they see that Otto has been shot and killed by agents. The explosion also took out some agents and Pulse. Pulse apologizes to his Marine buddy before he dies and Johnny vows revenge.

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At base, Polaris Dreamer and Eclipse are attempting to question the mutant prisoner. Her speed has kept Dreamer from using her skills and the look for another plan.Polaris still really in a bad mood threatens to impale the prisoner with knives. When Eclipse stops her, it leads to another fight when she confronts him with being an enforcer for the Cartel.Kate intercedes in the couples spat with a plan to drug the prisoner. Eclipse had noticed that she seemed to be going through a drug withdrawal. Earlier we had witnessed Dr. Campbell had to give Pulse some shot. They come up with a plan where the teens will restrain the girl and Kate will drug her. The plan works, and they attempt t question her.

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The questioning does not work, and the girl appears to be dying. Kate asks the Telepath to attempt to reach the prisoner. They find out her name is Chloe and she witnessed Sentinel killed her family. She does not remember what that did to her, and sadly they see her die from the drug. Watching a mutant pass away makes Polaris forget and forgive Eclipse for his betrayal. 

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Meanwhile, Blink has been attempting to reach the young mutant girl they brought back from the church. Blink connects with her because in the mutant world there are even cases where that does not look human are set apart. Blink has Avatar eyes and Elfin ears, and the girl is blue. She finds out the girl was raised in the same foster home as Blink and witnessed the murder of their Foster parents. Blink is crushed and thinks she is to blame for the girl's nightmares. Blink thinks her portals may have led Sentinel to the house.

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Johnny and Reed bury and say goodbye to Pulse and Otto. They return to base to tell the others of the ordeal. Reed is barely able to say hello to his family when Kate realizes something horrible has happened. The family hugs as the father tell them of his loss.

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The final scene has Blink looking for help but also eating some crow. She must apologize to Dreamer and asks for her help in making the girl's memories of the murders go away. Dreamer, of course, is willing to help and removes the horror from the girl's mind.

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It was a good episode that I would rate an 8.5. I still do not trust Reed because he seemed way to ready to believe his grandfather and aunt were terrorists. I also was unclear about Otto if he escaped from his aunt and father where his mother was.