The Heat Was Turned Up! Episodes​ 6-10 ~Recap & Review #HAHN #TheHaveandHaveNots

* S4Ep6: A Hurricane Offshore

This episode wasn't too turned up but still good. I give it a (8) rating. 

As Erica is getting ready to get rid of the flowers from Veronica, she comes face to face with Ms. Harrington. David hears Erica talking to Veronica and demands to speak with her. Veronica refuses to let David go. Veronica throw jams at Erica by asking her where is her pimp. She basically calls Erica a hoe. Veronica hangs up on David. That leaves him to drive off rapidly to Erica's rescue. Veronica welcome herself into Erica's  a hotel room. Erica gets under Veronica's skin when she mentioned the divorce papers. Security arrives as Veronica is leaving Erica's room.  Jeffrey and Candace is waiting for Veronica to return to the hotel. Little do they know, she hasn't left yet. Jeffrey wants to know what is his mother is planning. He asked Candace but she is clueless. Jeffrey compares his mother and Candace. Candace denies being like Veronica but Jeffrey is on point in my eyes. Candace is ducking Benny's calls. Jeffrey is in denial about his feelings for Justin as well as Justin feelings for him. Oscar (Brandon) contributes Candace about helping with his new mark. The mark is the future President. Wow, big league for Candace. Justin calls Jeffrey for a meet up. Erica calls and updates Candace about Veronica popping up at her hotel room. David calls to check on Erica. They make plans for another date. Candace goes up to Erica room. Erica questions Candace about War. Wyatt is having withdrawals. He is also being held captive in his apartment by Quita and her friend. The plan is for Quita to take all Wyatt's money. Hmmmmm!!!  Benny finds Candace at the hotel. He release all his anger and frustration on Candace. He forces her to leave with him. Jim watches the news and see the report of Jennifer Sallison being missing. Katheryn doesn't care about none of that, she tells Jim to get out her house. Katheryn is done with everything including Jim. Jim tries to convince her to talk to Veronica and she refuses. Veronica needs to be tamed. Hanna and Baby Q see Candace's picture on the news. Hanna learns both of her children are in trouble.


* S4Ep7: Pieces of the Puzzle

Before I start let me rate this episode. This episode wasn't that interesting so I give it a (6) rating. 

Hanna questions Benny about his missing bracelet. She heard on the news a bracelet was found with Quincy's body. Baby Q is happy to see his mother. Benny refuses to tell Hanna what he did. Candace is shocked to learn Hanna prays for her from Baby Q. It's about time Candace spent a little time with her son. I just wish it was  a under better circumstances  David arrived to take Erica on a date. He apologize for Veronica's presence again. Don't know about yall but I like David and Erica together. David also have some game. "When my hand touch the spine of  u your waist, it makes me hard", that's what he told Erica. Whaaat??? You go David. Erica didn't expect that. She quickly make sure they left the room for dinner. David was ready to skip dinner and go straight to dessert. Dessert meaning Erica in bed. Veronica arrives at Candace's house, she informed George the investigating detectives that the search warrant isn't valid. Lucky for Candace the body was found after 5pm. She free and clear for now. Looks like George knows  u the dirty schemes of Veronica. He drops his own bomb about Jeffrey car keys found on a dead body  He didn't rattle her cage not one bit. George tells Veronica he is about to visit her friends the Cryers. Veronica careless. Jim trying to smooth things over with Veronica. He shows up by her car at Candace's house. He apologize for Katheryn and for trying to choke her. He tells Veronica he knows she didn't kill Jennifer Sallison. Veronica tells Jim she knows he put a hit out on her. Veronica don't want to believe David got him to call the hit off on her. Well Veronica, David did save your life. Veronica is proud of her work for having Maggie Day murdered. So many secrets and so much dirt the Cryers and Harringtons have on each other. So funny hearing Jim flirt with Veronica. No, no, no, please don't. Veronica tells Jim that she have pieces of the puzzles spread around to several attorneys if anything happens to her. She warns Jim that the police is on the way to his house. Jim doesn't know what Veronica had said, accept she said nothing. Jeffrey meets with Justin. Veronica calls him with an update that his keys was found. He tells him to head home and tell Candace to lay low. The police is looking for them both. Jeffrey tells Justin about having to marry Melissa. Justin tells Jeffrey he changed him. Yes, Justin had fallen in love with Jeffrey. How long will his double life continues? Justin and Jeffrey make love. Quita and her friend still at Wyatt's house. Wyatt still having withdrawals. He begging Quita for help. She not helping him. Wyatt manages to text Jeffrey for help while Quita is preoccupied.Katheryn calls Hanna to check on her. Hanna needs money, Katheryn offered to help her but Hanna refuses. Jim arrives home and snatch the phone out of Katheryn's hand. He tells Katheryn the police is on their way to the mansion. Funny, how he thinks this police visit is about Jennifer Sallison murder. What secrets is exposed in this build up of explosions? Stay tune!


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* S4EP8: Praying for Light

As always, let me start with my rating. Thanks to the love Hanna showed for  Candace despite the hurtful things they say to each other; I give this episode a (10). 

 The police arrive at the Cryer mansion. George the detective handling the Quincy murder case, asked Jim can they talk in private. Katheryn refuses to give them privacy and she stay standing by Jim's side. Katheryn is thinking the police is there about Jennifer Sallison but she is so wrong. George gives Jim the envelope containing pictures of him. Katheryn is looking at the pictures with a smile on her as she see Jim in compromising sexual positions. Jim revealed that Candace kidnap him. Katheryn revealed that Candace blackmailed Jim for 7 million dollars. George trying to get Jim wear a wore to entrap. If he can get her on extortion that open doors to get Candace on the murder of Quincy. Really don't see Candace going down for  this murder. Katheryn wants to know why Candace is still alive. She tells Jim he must really care for Candace. 

Candace tries to leave the hotel but Benny stops her. Hanna tells Benny and Candace they need to turn themselves into police. Both of them are refusing to do that. Hanna asked Candace to show some care for her son. Candace tries to stir up a fight with Hanna to leave. However, Benny is the one keeping Candace stuck with him. This is his way of protecting her from War. Candace brings up Hanna past, questioning Hanna about who her father. Hanna asked did they kill somebody together. They both said nothing. Hanna told them both that God will bring it to the light. Hanna leaves the hotel room with no say to where she was going. Candace tried o tell Benny that Hanna is going to turn her in. Benny tries to get Candace to see; she is the issues to all problems their family has had. Candace needs to get away from Benny so she called Erica. Unfortunately, Erica is on a date with David. All she could offer Candace was clothes, hair and money that she asked for. 


Jeffrey and Justin lay in bed. Justin admit to loving being with Jeffrey. He apologize to Jeffrey for how they started. Justin is shocked by Jeffrey response. Jeffrey  feels he is going to jail so he isn't focus on loving Justin. Besides, he still has to marry Melissa. Justin tries to convince Jeffrey to say he didn't have nothing to do with the murder of Quincy. Candace would throw Jeffrey under the bus if it meant saving herself. I do agree with Justin on that. Jeffrey see a disturbing text and have to leave. Justin tags along with Jeffrey in case a police was needed.

Hanna pays War visit. She asked War is he after Candace. Hanna reminds him that she see him as his own. War tells Hanna that Candace stole from him. Hanna told Wat she isn't going to hurt her child. She tried to use her love for Candace and War to convince him to not hurt Candace. War doesn't understand why Hanna even care about Candace . Hanna doesn't War position. He tries to explain how the street works. Hanna jumps up and grabs War face asking him to stop this.Regardless of the love between Hanna and War, War sticks by his plan to kill Candace.


Veronica arrived home to find Melissa home alone. Veronica tried to call Jeffrey but Melissa tries to convince her not to call him. She also tries to get Veronica to understand Jeffrey isn't interested in her. Melissa asked Veronica about her father's hospital bills that she didn't pay. Veronica tells her when she gets Jeffrey to do what she he was born to do then she will pay his bills. I can't understand why this woman will not accept her son is gay. Get over it!!!! Veronica tries to spy on Erica. Her flowers with the camera inside was placed outside the door. Oh well Veronica!!

Jeffrey and Justin arrived at Wyatt's house to find Quita and her friend sheep in the bed. Justin calls for back up and Jeffrey handcuffed them both. Wyatt tried to get Jeffrey to stay with him but Jeffrey tells him to call the number he gave him.  Justin shows his jealousy of Wyatt and Jeffrey's friendship. Jeffrey and Justin starts to fight. Wyatt jumps in to help Jeffrey. Justin's gun gets loose. Jeffrey picks up the gun.  Justin back up partner enters the apartment to see Jeffrey holding a gun on Justin. The episode ends with a shot fired. Who got shot! Omgggggg!!!! The heat is turning up stay tuned. 


*S4EP9: We All Need Forgiveness

The rating for this episode is ......

Justin almost caused Jeffrey his life. A rookie enters Wyatt's apartment and see a fight between Justin, Wyatt, and Jeffrey. He takes a shot at Jeffrey. Thank God he didn't have a straight shit. Wyatt tells Jeffrey to stay away from Justin. Wyatt tried to get Jeffrey to stay with him while he goes through withdrawal. Jeffrey tells Wyatt to call the number he gave him. I am so happy Jeffrey isn't given into Wyatt. Benny is sleep in a chair blocking the hotel door. Candace escapes by going out the window. When she arrives at Erica's hotel room, she interrupts David and Erica making out. Candace gets a dress, hair and shoes from Erica. Jim calls David, another interruptions for him and Erica. Jim wants Brandon number to get his help getting Wyatt's money. Katheryn tries to make Jim jealous. However, her plan didn't work. Jim puts the massage boy out. Katheryn keeps asking Jim to leave her house. Jim ego is too high and he is only focused on cleaning up Katheryn's messed. Katheryn truly seems to be unbothered about everything. Jim calls Oscar for help with Wyatt's money. Jim tried to negotiate Oscar fee for his service but he lost that fight. Candace makes her move on Oscar's mark. Unfortunately, Charles thought Candace was a waiter. He didn't even give her eye contact. Candace eventually gets Charles to warm up to her. 

*S4EP10: Forget the Bubble

The rating for this episode is a (8). This episode was good and makes us excited about the finale. Here is my recap.

In order to keep her daughter safe, Hanna is turning Candace into the police. She tells the front desk clerk that they are looking for her daughter, Candace Young. Justin is talking to the rookie cop who assist him at Wyatt's apartment. He is trying to keep his double life a secret with no unexpected questions. The front desk clerk interrupts their conversation by asking Justin to speak to Hanna. Thank God, it's Justin but then again, he can't stand Candace. Hanna doesn't want the cops to enter the hotel with blazing guns. She doesn't want Baby Q subjected to seeing his mother get arrested. Justin asked Hanna questions about the relationship between Candace and Quincy. Justin informed Hanna that Quincy was stabbed 40  times by two different people. Evidence showing one of the killers being a man. She asked Hanna does she know who that man may be. Of course, Hanna think it is Benny but we all know it is Jeffrey. Justin gives Hanna his card and tells her to call with confirmation that Candace is still at the hotel. Hanna does make it clear to Justin, if Candace killed Quincy it was in self defense. I don't think Justin believes that being that he knows how devious Candace can be. When Hanna leaves the station, Justin calls to warn Jeffrey. Jeffrey doesn't answer. Hanna sits in her car looking like she unsure of what she just did was the right decision.


Charles and Candace is in the hotel room. Charles tells Candace he is a widow. Candace is trying to seduce him.  Charles is trying to resist the  temptation. He is about to be the President. The last thing he needs is a scandal. Charles is Candace mark and he is falling for her bait. Candace tells him to stop being the future President and be Charles for an hour or two. Charles and Candace ends up having sex. Charles just got himself in political trouble.

Jeffrey didn't answer the phone so Justin sent him a text. He told Jeffrey about Hanna turning Candace into the police. As Jeffrey stands in the hallway reading his text, Veronica tells Jeffrey to go inside the room with Melissa. Jeffrey does as he is told. When he gets inside, he tried to call Candace but she didn't answer. Meanwhile Melissa is  dressed in sexy lingerie per Veronica's request. She is trying to be cordial with Jeffrey but he is being so mean to her. She is trapped in this mess just like Jeffrey. She asked Jeffrey, "why is he so agitated? " Jeffrey confess to Justin being his lover. Then he tells her about the sex he had with Justin. Veronica walks in demanding Jeffrey to tell her how low he can go. Veronica is so funny. Omg, too funny. She called Jeffrey a queen. She said, "I love it when a queen tried to come for me. Work it honey." Lmao!!! Melisa tries to defend Jeffrey. She tells Veronica she think he should be with his lover. Veronica tells Melissa not to think. Smh!! Jeffrey tells Veronica he is here.  Veronica makes it clear to Jeffrey she isn't scared of him. Jeffrey said, "Bobby Safemen!" Veronica face quickly changed to a little bit of fear. Poor Melissa and Jeffrey. They both trapped in a unbearing situation with someone who is crazy as all outdoors. Veronica leaves. Melissa apologize to Jeffrey. She is crying and trying to get comfort from Jeffrey. Jeffrey tells her to move. No matter how nice Melissa trying to be, Jeffrey continues to be mean to her. He refuses to understand she trapped in Veronica's craziness as well. Jeffrey tells Melissa he murdered someone. She thought he was lying but he wasn't. Jeffrey eased up a little and shares somethings with Melissa about his anger. Melissa trued to suggest killing Veronica but Jeffrey refused. 


Oscar called Jim with Wyatt's address. He informed Jim that Wyatt moved his money cross shore. Jim agrees to wear a word to help get Candace. He tells George, he wants Candace one way or another. Hanna arrives at  the Cryer Mansion. Jim finds out Katheryn gave Hanna Amanda's car. He is upset about it but Katheryn tells Jim the title is in Hanna name now. Hanna asked Katheryn for help with a criminal lawyer for her kids. As much as Katheryn hates Candace, she agrees to help Hanna. Katheryn and Hanna has become good friends even through all of the conflicts of interest. 

It looks like Charles likes Candace, however can the soon to be President accept Candace past? Hmmm! Too bad Candace only sees him as a mark. Charles tells Candace them together wouldn't work. He is conservative and he said his wife was conservative. He admits his wife wouldn't had sex with him the first night meeting him. He tells Candace, if them getting together and having sex comes out, alot of people would be hurt. Unfortunately for Charles, he just had sex with the wrong woman.  Candace show him some kind of recording device. Well Charles, a night of sex just got you a lifetime of blackmail. Wow!!  

Erica and David is in her hotel room having sex. Erica see someone standing in her room. Could it be Veronica? Nope, it is War. Her face is in shock  and his face has anger. What is War doing in Erica's room? I thought Erica was so scared of War and he killed her sister. Hmmmm! Stay tunes because the finale looks like it's going to be interesting.


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