The Originals 406 Recap “Bag of Cobras” #TheOriginals

Episode grade: 7

This week, we got another little dose of our favorite awesome badass team-up, as Elijah and Vincent joined forces once again. 

Vincent makes it very clear that he’s only working with the Mikaelsons because the Hollow is so much worse, but hey, reluctant Vincent is better than no Vincent at all, right? He’s identified several historical massacres that he now believes were attempts to bring forth the Hollow. (This is starting to remind me of the classic Stephen King book, It.)

The current plan to draw out the Hollow’s minions is to throw a big party and invite every supernatural and/or magical being in New Orleans. Elijah begs Klaus to let him do the heavy lifting on this investigation and any resulting violence, because, as always, Elijah is working toward his true goal: Klaus’ salvation. He feels more optimistic about this since Hope came along, and he’s determined to keep Klaus on the path of the righteous.

Freya’s still got her weird budding romance with her erstwhile captive/unwilling venom donor, Keelin. Seriously, no matter how lovely these ladies are, and no matter how good the acting is, I’m not buying this relationship. They get all dolled up for the party, and Freya lurks, watching Keelin mingle, as if she’s jealous or something, and I’m just thinking, How insecure are you? This girl stuck around after you enslaved and tortured her.

Sofya shows up at the party to see what she can learn about Marcel’s disappearance. She’s wearing a bracelet of thorns that supposedly could kill the Mikaelsons, but in a twist I did not see coming, she tells Klaus all about the thorns and where they came from. I guess she really cares more about Marcel than whatever alignment she may have with the Hollow and its acolytes.

Speaking of Hollow followers, or Hollowers if you will, Vincent has been wandering the party, making contact with everyone present. He gathers a tiny bit of energy from each attendee, then shuffles his tarot deck, dispersing the energy into the cards. When he deals out some cards, they reveal a crucial clue about the secret identity of the Hollower he seeks. The clue is that all the cards feature snakes in their design. Now, he must simply look around the party again and find the person with a snake. Not literally, but on the psychic plane.

He successfully identifies the High Priest of the Hollow, and Elijah summons the man, Dominic, to a private meeting. This guy is a major creeper, and he unconvincingly offers to leave the Mikaelson family alone in exchange for being allowed to kill Vincent and Marcel. I didn’t think there was any chance Elijah would go for this, but I was still amused by the subtle manner in which he expressed his refusal...ripping out a dude's heart has got to be the most thorough "nope" ever.

Klaus made a deal in the meantime, to give Marcel his freedom if Sofya handed over all the thorns. Naturally, he immediately betrays the deal, accepting the thorns but declining to let go of his hostage. This is a dumb move, but it’s pretty classic Klaus. Eventually, he’s going to run out of people who will take a chance on dealing with him at all.

While the party was underway, Hayley did everyone the favor of not being there to outshine them all (for real, no one looks better in formalwear than she does…except, of course, Elijah!). She had Freya work some mojo to reveal long-hidden secrets about her parents’ murder, and it led her to a storage unit, in which she found a creepy jawbone. She shows up at the mansion with this thing in hand, and she announces her somewhat random logical leap: She thinks the Hollowers need this bone. 

Everyone agrees and makes another leap that the Hollowers need a bunch of bones. They realize the mysterious bone blade that has caused such trouble over the years is gone, stolen during the party. This is cool; it makes total sense that the blade of psychic torment is a relic from the truest evil in their domain, and I love that they’ve revealed this origin story for the MacGuffin they’ve had around all this time.

No one is trying to pulverize the jawbone, but I’m sure that will happen next week…and I’m equally sure it will be impossible to destroy. If it were me, I’d pour concrete over it and drop it in the ocean, if it can’t be destroyed. Probably the plan to get rid of it will be underway just as the Hollowers show up to take it. I guess we’ll see.

What was your favorite moment this week? For me, it was Vincent’s speech to the Hollowers.