The Originals #508 “The Kindness of Strangers” Recap #TheOriginals

Klaus and Elijah awakened in the psychic construct last week, and they are now joined by Kol, Rebekah, and Freya, who implies that this may be Vincent’s handiwork, as he knows the family and the compound well enough to pull it off, and he’s extremely protective of the city which is endangered by their curse.

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There’s a door with five locks on it, each bearing an initial. They quickly realize they must each find their keys somewhere in the compound. Elijah protests that he has no memories, therefore no way to guess what part of the compound is personal to him, so how will he find a key? They all split up and search.

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Elijah winds up with Kol for a bit, and he asks why Kol is the only sibling who never came to stalk him in France over the years. Kol’s all, Well, there was that whole thing where you murdered my wife, so…. Elijah is clearly stricken at this information about his old self, and he diffidently asks if he ever so much as apologized for what he’d done. This is just the start of Elijah’s rediscovery of his past and awareness of all he has to feel shame for.

Marcel suddenly arrives, bloody and distraught. He tells everyone the truth: This isn’t Vincent’s doing, it’s Hope’s. She’s gathered all the siblings together and is performing a spell to reclaim the Darkness from them and end the curse. Marcel’s presence is completely awesome. He’s the other Mikaelson, the one omitted by blood from Always and Forever, but the one who knows them all the better than they know themselves, as is shown throughout this episode.

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Still key-hunting, Kol, and Marcel find themselves in a room they realize shouldn’t exist in a construct that was designed by Hope; this room burned a hundred years ago. They confront Freya, who admits that yes, of course, she’s helping Hope. There’s no stopping Hope from trying, so the best thing to prevent the universe from going boom is to help her. She also throws in Klaus’ face that the worst thing Hope ever did was out of loneliness for her father; what might she do now that she’s facing life without either parent?

Anyway, the jig is up, and Freya can stop pretending to hunt for a key. She breezes out, leaving the rest behind to figure out their puzzles. Rebekah and Marcel have a bittersweet moment as he finds her key in the secret hiding place where he used to leave love letters for her. Klaus finds his own key in the letters Hayley had written to him about Hope, the ones that had come back return-to-sender.

Only one left to find…and just then, Hope succeeds in taking the power of the Darkness back from them.

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Elijah’s still stubbornly refusing his memories, so it’s Marcel who figures out the final puzzle. He explains that the key to the puzzle isn’t the siblings themselves, it’s how Hope thinks of them. She hid Kol’s key in a Shakespeare collection Kol had given her, and specifically, she placed it by a passage about freedom to represent that Kol was free to go as soon as this was done. She hid Rebekah’s key in a necklace Rebekah gave Hope. She hid her father’s key in her mother’s letters about her.

Marcel says that ever since Elijah murdered him, he thinks of Elijah as death, and now that Hope blames Elijah for Hayley’s death, she sees him the same way. That’s why his key was in his coffin, covered by a writhing tangle of snakes.

They all use their keys and enter the white hallway. Kol sees his own door and steps through to return to his life. Marcel does the same. Rebekah begs Klaus not to go until Elijah is able to get his memories back. When she sees he will stay, she takes her own door, leaving the two brothers to find their way back together, as it has been for so many centuries.

Elijah recovers his memories, awakening all the suffering that awaits him. He relives his relationship with Hayley and then sees her final moments again in that light.

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Rebekah finally gives Marcel closure on why she left him. He loves his immortal life, and she doesn’t. She longs for a life that has human joys and pains, and a mortal end. She doesn’t want him to spend his immortal life with someone who is eternally sad.

Klaus finally sits down to read Hayley’s letters, mourning her as well as the years he missed. Elijah delivers the cure to Antoinette and then walks away from her, having remembered the love he let die for her. He gets all dappered up in his Original style, and he goes to the Bayou to see Hayley’s memorial.