The Originals Ep 407 Recap & Review “High Water & a Devil’s Daughter” #TheOriginals

Episode grade: 9

Hope, an incredibly precocious girl, is wandering around the Mikaelson compound. She can read, and she has witchy powers…it’s actually an amazing stroke of luck that she hasn’t yet happened on one of Esther’s old grimoires and accidentally conjured something awful. Right now, she’s reading creepy poems and getting curious about the little boy who used to live in her house. That boy, of course, is our good friend, Marcellus. 

Because Freya’s cloaking spell only hides Marcel from those outside the Mikaelson bloodline, Hope walks right up to him and says hello. (This kid’s awesome. Kudos to the showrunners for creating a child character who’s really adding to the show, which is quite rare.)

Keelin tells Freya she’s gotten a job in town and plans to stick around. They keep playing the “unspoken thing” here, and I’m already bored of it. Just admit you’re into each other already. 

Vincent is polishing the sacred blade from the Harvest ritual, ruminating on the link to the Ancestors. The Harvest ritual was what kept the link alive all those years until he severed it. Davina, one of the last-ever Harvest Girls, remains a specter over everything they do in this town, a loss they’ve never healed from.

Elijah shows up for a chat, and of course, he steals the blade. He reckons he’s figured out what needs to be done to restore the link so that the Ancestors can help restrain the Hollow as they did in ages past. Yup, Elijah’s going to have a Harvest ritual.

He calls Vincent to the cemetery to show him the four young women with slit throats, and Vincent’s reaction is almost hilarious, all That’s not how any of this works! 

Elijah’s intractable, as ever, simply telling Vincent he will have to make it work. Vincent is really in a bad place… four of the daughters of witch families in New Orleans are lying dead at his feet, and if he can’t throw together a successful Harvest ritual, they’ll just stay dead. 

His ritual isn’t going so well until he breaks into Davina’s tomb and uses her remains to connect to her rather than the Ancestors who may not be on his side anymore. He asks Davina to help him save these Harvest Girls, and she comes through. I can’t help hoping that this means we’re actually going to see Davina again this year, one way or another.

In the meantime, Freya’s spotted Dominic, the High Priest of the Hollow, walking through the Quarter, very much alive. She has laid a trap for him, using Josh as Marcel-shaped bait. Charles Michael Davis playing Josh’s amusement at briefly looking like Marcel is a highlight.

Dominic is way too smart to fall for this ruse, but Freya still gets the upper hand, at least briefly. Unfortunately, he’s picked up on her weakness; he taunts her with the revelation that he’s sent a gang of his goons to kill Keelin because he’s seen the way Freya looks at her. 

The threat does exactly what he hoped; Freya loses control, and he gets loose. He kills her, but his goons aren’t having quite the same luck with Keelin. She wolfs out and presumably kills them all, then finds Freya in time to work her medical magic. (Literally medical, not literally magic!)

Dominic has gathered his forces and gone to the Mikaelson compound to capture Marcel and kill everything that moves. But he underestimates Klaus, whose fatherly impulses make him even more badass than usual. This time, Dominic gets his fool head knocked off, so good luck reviving the corpse this time!

After taking down all the Hollow’s minions, Klaus rushes to find Hope, and he realizes she’s with Marcel, who’s no longer in his tomb. He finds Hope’s bracelet discarded on the ground, but I’m not even a little bit worried, because…

When trouble was brewing, Marcel told Hope he would protect her; he just needed her to open his magic cage so he could fight. She said that, as a Mikaelson witch, she wasn’t afraid of anything, and again I thought, this kid is awesome. Marcel invoked “always and forever,” and Hope knew, as I did, that everything was going to be all right.

Klaus finds Marcel and Hope together, safe, and getting along famously. It’s enough to inspire him to ask Marcel to be, if not family again or even friends, at least allies.

Across town at the cemetery, Vincent is making it clear to Elijah just how much he doesn’t enjoy this buddy-cop dynamic they’ve got going; he calls Elijah a punk. I laughed out loud, how about you?

Freya tries pushing Keelin away, because Keelin’s already been successfully used against her, and love is a weakness, etc. Keelin’s much tougher than Freya though; she verbalizes the unspoken thing, and they finally kiss. 

Finally, Sofya started out the episode getting stuck with the blade of psychic torment, now known to be a bone from the Hollow’s original body. She wakes up from her torture in the old Hollow house, and she’s immediately inhabited by the Hollow’s blue, glowy energy. Not like I liked Sofya or anything, but I’m worried about Marcel, who trusts her and will probably let her get really close before realizing something’s off about her.

What did you think of this week’s episode?