The Originals Ep 408 Recap “Voodoo in My Blood” #TheOriginals

Episode grade: 8

The episode opens with a mysterious scene: A baby is delicately placed on an altar of flowers, then surrounded by that familiar blue glow–is this a sacrifice to the Hollow? Later, this moment will be placed in context, and we will realize what we saw was the Hollow’s origin story. But more on that later.

Hayley has learned that the Hollow’s bones were safeguarded over the centuries by four werewolf bloodlines, including the Lockwoods. This gives us a chance for a guest star appearance from TVD! Not Tyler, of course, as he is sadly no longer among the living, but everyone’s favorite mortal badass, Alaric Saltzman! 

Alaric is full of attitude toward Klaus, of course–there’s so much history between these two, like, you know, that time Klaus stole Alaric’s body and used it as his vessel. He’s driving the bone down south to deliver it so that Klaus has no excuse to visit Mystic Falls. 

In Mikaelson manse, Hope is hearing whispers, and she tells mom and dad that the witches are trying to reach her from the other side to pass a message to them: They’re needed at the church for a spell that will stop the Hollow. 

Elijah goes off to try and make an alliance with Marcel, offering the weapon Freya created in exchange for the team-up. It’s a good deal, if Elijah doesn’t renege, of course. Elijah tells Marcel about the meeting with Alaric…unfortunately, Sofya is listening, and she’s currently the vessel for the Hollow.

Sofya goes after Alaric, and she does get the bone. Fortunately, he’s way too smart to be taken by surprise; he’s booby-trapped his vehicle and escapes with his life. When Elijah and Marcel find him, he says his research should at least allow them to find the fourth bone before Sofya does.

Meanwhile, Davina’s spirit is the source of witchy whispers, and she has a tale to tell. Centuries ago, two magical covens united in a ceremonial wedding to increase their power and influence. When the bride became pregnant, the elders of both tribes did constant spells and invocations over her swollen belly, trying to make this baby the most powerful witch. They succeeded, and it was their doom.

When the baby, Inadu, was born, they performed the blessing we saw in the opening scene; the glow was the first sign this was a creature of unimaginable power and darkness. As she grew, her appetite for power was ever greater. She became known for her cruelty and her emptiness, and people started to refer to her as the Hollow.

Eventually, they performed a binding spell, and her mother was the one who wielded the weapon to kill her. In the final moments of the Hollow’s mortal life, she cast a spell of vengeance, binding her people to the wolves they lived among and the full moon overhead. The Hollow created werewolves! Both she and her mother bore the crescent moon birthmark that Hayley’s bloodline shares and that are why Hayley is the only one who can hurt the Hollow.

With this information conveyed, Davina ejects Hayley from the spiritual realm and sends her after the Hollow, with a vaguely worded explanation that Klaus’ power will be needed on the other side to complete the spell.

Hayley rushes off and finds the Hollow, still Sofya’s pilot, slapping around Elijah and Marcel in the crypt where they’ve just found the final bone. Hayley gets in one good hit, but she doesn’t really know what she’s doing.

It doesn’t matter much, from Davina’s standpoint, because Hayley’s incidental to her true plan. She really intends to use Klaus to stop the Hollow. “You’re not a battery,” she tells him, “you’re a sacrifice.”

The incredible power of sacrificing an immortal like Klaus will allow the ancestors to trap the Hollow once again. As Davina revs up to cast this spell, Elijah, Marcel, and Hayley have also done this math, so they show up to beg for Klaus’ life; Elijah even says she can use him instead. Davina isn’t interested in anyone’s input, but then Hope shows up and witch-blasts Davina right back to the spirit world, saving her father. Hope feels betrayed by Davina, whose whispers had promised help and not mentioned anything about killing her father.

Alaric says goodbye to Klaus, and he says that while Klaus is 100% not welcome in Mystic Falls, Hope would be. The school he and Caroline have built would be a great place for her. Hard to imagine Klaus agreeing to send his kid somewhere he couldn’t visit or protect, but nice thought, I guess.

Hayley’s understandably sore at Elijah for offering up his life to save Klaus. After all, he’s already promised his life to her. She also reminds him of his promise to hand over the weapon to Marcel; his honor is one of the things she loves about him, and she wants him to live up to his better instincts. 

Elijah dutifully heads out to deliver the weapon, but he finds Sofya instead of Marcel, and she’s armed with the deadly thorns that kill Originals! Elijah is stabbed, and I swear I never say stuff like this, but I don’t know if I would even care about anything that ever happens on this show again if Elijah got killed off. Come on, show, walk it back and save Elijah!

What about you? Are you as nervous as I am about next week?