The Originals Ep 409 Recap “Queen Death” #TheOriginals

Episode grade: 9


Elijah is still suffering the slow poisoning from the thorns in his back. The Hollow, still wearing Sofya’s body, menaces and monologues at him. She needs her jawbone to complete the spell that will bring her true body back from beyond, and Elijah’s death is the sacrifice that will power that spell. She also notes that his entire sire line will fall; if Davina had been permitted to sacrifice Klaus last week, at least that wouldn’t have taken down a whole sire line of vampires, because the Strix decoupled him last year.


Back at the compound, Klaus is sharing a special breakfast with his daughter. Since he doesn’t yet know Elijah is missing, he’s getting a rare moment of happiness and relative peace. He’s assembled a truly over-the-top display of confectionery delights for Hope to sample, and I get that he’s got the royalty mania, but man, this is so wasteful. For one thing, beignets don’t actually keep all that well. You want to eat them quickly, and you really can’t eat this many…basically, the only person who should have a pile of sugary goodness like this for breakfast is The Flash. Not only does he have the speed to eat it while it’s perfect, he has the metabolism to actually use all those calories.

I realize I went on a bit of a tangent. Just sayin', that's a fine waste of beignets.

I realize I went on a bit of a tangent. Just sayin', that's a fine waste of beignets.

Hayley shares my disapproval about this breakfast, possibly more because she wants Hope to eat healthy than because she hates wasting New Orleans delicacies. But there are far more important things on her mind; she woke up alone and doesn’t know where Elijah is. Klaus heads off to see Marcel since that was the last-known destination for Elijah.

Sofya approaches Vincent. She tosses him around a little, then explains that she has Elijah, she needs the jawbone, and no, you can’t out-magic me. He heads to the compound to deliver the message, explaining that this is not an exchange of the jawbone for Elijah; Elijah is dying already, and Sofya’s offer is mere, that if we give her the jawbone voluntarily, she won’t go on a citywide rampage of destruction to punish us.


Now that he’s made the point that Elijah’s death is inevitable, Vincent clearly expects some cooperation with his plan: He wants to channel the sacrifice to the Ancestors, so they can use that power to trap the Hollow, essentially finishing what Davina started last week. But of course, Klaus, Hayley, and Freya are 100% opposed to this. 

The family starts hunting for alternatives and magical loopholes. Vincent throws it in Freya’s face that she sacrificed Davina for her brothers last time around, and hey, Elijah’s had 1000 years already; when do we just stop sacrificing others, whose natural lifespans are already so brief in comparison, to give these immortal leeches another decade? It’s a fair point, but Freya just says she can’t lose another brother…the thought of Finn gives her an idea.


Marcel, meanwhile, has been having a similar argument with Klaus; Marcel is determined to save Sofya, and Klaus wants to prioritize saving Elijah and stopping the Hollow. Marcel rages that the Mikaelsons will always do anything to save each other but have zero concern for anyone else. It’s also a fair point, but I can’t help thinking that this would have been a more powerful moment for the audience if it were about Davina or Josh…someone we actually cared about. Maybe I’m alone in not giving a crap about Sofya…if you like her and/or were concerned about saving her, leave a comment and tell us why!

Freya brings her idea to the rest of the family, to use Finn’s pendant to catch Elijah’s soul as he dies, so he won’t be lost and could eventually be restored to life. She acknowledges there’s a major flaw in this plan; Elijah is already so weak from his wasting death that it may not be possible. 

Klaus steps up, and it’s pretty awesome. He volunteers to be the sacrifice instead. Freya will catch his soul in the pendant, since he’s at full strength, and then she just has to save Elijah from the poison. Meantime, Klaus’ death will have provided the Ancestors with the power they need against the Hollow. It’s a fine plan, and today, Klaus earns our affection with more than just his charm.

Vincent agrees that Klaus is living up to his potential for once–he says Cami would have been proud. It’s a nice moment. Then they get ready for the spell, only to be interrupted by a treacherous gang of local witches who have joined the Hollow’s minions. Vincent and Klaus win the fight…but the attackers destroy the thorn weapon that was crucial to completing the spell. 

Marcel goes to deliver the jawbone and try to save Sofya. He’s got to stab her with a blade that carries some of Hayley’s blood, which won’t kill Sofya but will be so toxic to the Hollow that it will abandon Sofya’s body. It works out, and again, happy for Marcel…still don’t care about Sofya.

Elijah’s death is a runaway train, so Freya falls back on trying to channel his soul into the pendant. It doesn’t seem to be working, and the pendant is shattered. Elijah dies, and the power released by his death was successfully taken by the Hollow, not redirected to the Ancestors. Our team lost big time.

Vincent orders an evacuation, telling the local covens it’s not safe to be here anymore. He goes to Marcel and asks for the journal that he’d originally used to conjure the Hollow, noting that if the power gets the best of him, Marcel shouldn’t hesitate to kill him. I have a feeling Vincent can handle it. He’s the hero we need right now (and not just because I could watch Yusuf Gatewood all day long, but I really could–he’s such a compelling actor).

Back at the compound, Freya’s trying to feel any trace of Elijah in the pendant. It’s not looking good…until Hope comes to place a hand on her shoulder (how's that for metaphor?). Hope’s power gives the spell a big jolt, and Hope is the one to identify Elijah’s presence in the stone. It gives me hope, anyway, because Elijah is my favorite, and I was not okay with the idea of losing him.


Out in the woods, a familiar blue glow appears…then a hand breaks through. Inadu, the Hollow, has risen.

So what did you think? Are you a Sofya fan? If so, feel free to explain why…maybe you’ll convince me there’s something I’m missing.