The Originals Ep 410 Recap & Review "Phantomesque" #TheOriginals

Episode grade: 10

Last episode, I wondered if by trapping Elijah's soul rather than allowing it to pass on, they were going to avoid the repercussions to his sire line. This week, they wasted no time before answering that question. 

In a classic vampire rave somewhere in the French Riviera, a wave of terror hits as the undead start dying. Rebekah and Kol are there, and they instantly realize what's happened; there were five sire lines, Finn and Kol previously died, Klaus was uncoupled from his line by the Strix, which means that Elijah has surely died. 

Back in NOLA, Freya's magicsplaining the situation about the shattered pendant she used to trap Elijah's soul; it shattered, which means his psyche did too. She can't repair the shattered pendant until she repairs his psyche, or else he'll come back wrong. She's going to do a mindwalk and try to find the core of him, somewhere in his fragmented memories.

When Rebekah and Kol hit town, Klaus enlists their help tracking down the last of the thorn weapons that can kill Originals. But there's someone else interested in getting his hands on one of those: Marcel needs something imbued with the Hollow's magic, so Vincent can use it to perform a spell and save Sofya.

Along the way, Kol realizes that the Ancestor link isn't severed anymore, which means he could make contact with Davina. He goes off half-cocked, tries to bribe the new Harvest Girls for help contacting Davina, then immediately switches to threatening doesn't go all that well, and they leave him in the cemetery with his neck snapped.

Freya's having trouble reaching Elijah in his memories, so Hayley volunteers to go in, claiming confidently that no one knows Elijah better than she does...famous last words, amirite?

In the very cool visualization of Elijah's fractured mind, Hayley first thinks she'll find him in a lovely memory about their relationship, but no such luck. She reluctantly opens the one scary door, and it's a rude awakening. He's at his most monstrous, and he can't recognize her or be reasoned with. There's a scary dreamscape chase scene, and he attacks. 

In the real world, Hope is determined to rescue her mom, and she calls out to her from the hallway. This gives Hayley the strength to break free and run, and the jolt of reality also affects Elijah. He emerges from the scary doorway, looking whole and clean again, not to mention painfully aware of how Hayley's looking at him now. He tries to connect, but she's not ready; she takes Hope and leaves him alone in the hallway. 

Rebekah and Marcel have a sad little moment in which she gives him the final thorn stake, because she can tell he loves Sofya. I still don't have any personal stake in Sofya (rimshot!), but I do like Rebekah, and if she says this is real love, I believe her.

Klaus can see Hayley is feeling differently after her psychic encounter with Elijah's inner monster, and he patiently tells her what she should already know: Elijah is the best of the Mikaelsons, and that doesn't mean he has no horrors in his thousand-year history, but his worst acts were always done in service to his family. 

Finally, Kol awakens in the cemetery and meets the Hollow! She gets right down to business, offering what he wants most. In exchange for his obedience, she will restore Davina's life...and to make sure he doesn't screw around, she's linked Davina's well-being to her own. You hurt the Hollow, you hurt Davina. Unfortunately, the current plan for resurrecting Elijah depends on destroying the Hollow (not that we needed a reason to try to destroy the Big Bad!), and we can bet Kol is going to fight his family's plan to sacrifice the woman he loves...again.

Do you think Davina's really back? Share your theories in the comments!