The Originals Ep 411 Recap "A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken" #TheOriginals #KolsBetrayal

Episode grade: 10

(This is a recap. Recaps have spoilers. If you click on something called a recap, don't complain about spoilers.)

Like old times, Davina's holed up in the church attic while Kol schemes to free her from the Hollow. The Hollow reveals to Kol that she has a totem that is magnifying her powers and protecting her from harm; she instructs him to protect her totem at all costs.

Back at the compound, Freya has completed a locator spell, and it reveals two magical signatures for the Hollow; she recognizes that the smaller of the two indicates a totem, and she dispatches Rebekah to find and destroy it.

Along the way, Rebekah runs into Marcel, and he insists on tagging along, though she says she's already enlisted Kol's help. The three of them converge on the location, and whoops! Rebekah and Marcel are trapped inside a mystical boundary. Kol zips off, leaving these two alone and annoyed. I found Rebekah's negativity a little offputting this week, frankly, because she was actually cruel to Marcel about his comatose girlfriend.

The other major project Freya's working on involves Hope's blood, because it's the only known weakness of the Hollow. The current plan is to go after the Hollow with blades that have been dipped in Hope's blood. I'm sure this won't go wrong....

Josh visits Davina's tomb, not realizing that she's no longer in it. It's a really sweet scene, talking to his long-lost friend, filling her in on his relationship (come on, Josh, what's wrong with a guy cooing over doggies? Doggies are so cute!). 

Davina then shows up to the bar after closing time to see him, and it's the best scene in the show. There's always more than enough angst and distrust and plenty of sexiness and emotional sturm und drang, but Davina and Josh have such a pure, heartwarming friendship. I love these two together.

Kol shows up at the compound with a toy for Hope. It's a magical puzzle, and he explains that if she can complete this puzzle, it will free someone he loves from a terrible situation. He leaves her to it while he heads downstairs to deal with Klaus, who basically wants to kill him.

Fortunately for Kol, he is able to get through to Klaus by invoking the memory of Cami. Klaus relents, Hope succeeds, and Kol gets to ride off into the sunset with Davina, which is lovely.

Freya and Hayley go after the Hollow, and it's a nightmare. The Hollow's totem-enhanced power enables her to immediately get the drop on them, and she is able to place them in mental projections where they have to face their fears and fight unwinnable battles. Worst, Hayley is given a vision of Jackson that she temporarily believes real; she has to suffer the loss and guilt all over again before realizing this isn't really her late husband's spirit, just the Hollow's torment. I loved Jackson, and this scene was rough to watch.

Notably, the Hollow's immediate takedown of our heroes caused them to drop their weapons...while they suffer their mental torment, the Hollow is busy doing some dark magic with one of the blades. She harvests Hope's blood from the weapon and uses it to create a potion, then drinks that potion. Clearly, she is now protected in some dreadful way.

Hayley and Freya fight through the nightmare and reunite, then go after the Hollow. They kill her! And it's like they kind of don't realize this was way too easy...

Freya performs the spell to return Elijah to his body, but Hayley isn't there to greet him. Her mental encounter with the fake Jackson has thrown her, and she was already kind of a mess after the mindwalk with Elijah last week. She seems to be gearing up for some major life decision like maybe leaving the Mikaelsons, and it's a little hilarious after she spent the last five years fighting to bring them all back together. Also, girl, leaving Klaus didn't work out so well last time you tried it....

Later that night, Hope's eyes gleam blue. As we all suspected, the Hollow has body-jumped her.