The Originals Ep 502 Recap “One Wrong Turn on Bourbon” #TheOriginals

This week delves into the broken father-daughter relationship that is driving the action so far this season. We open on a flashback to young Hope visiting Klaus via astral projection. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a planned visit, so Klaus is in the middle of what teenaged Hope will later describe as a “murder orgy.” Klaus screams at Hope to get out, and then he cuts off all contact with her because she’s seen the side of him he wanted to hide. His shame started the spiral of sadness and abandonment that brought us here.

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He arrives in New Orleans in the present, summoned by the need to find Hayley. It quickly comes out that Hope did, in fact, engineers her mother’s disappearance, and not even subconsciously, as I generously proposed last week! She instructed Henry, the Hybrid who was born of her blood and is therefore sired to her, to attack Hayley, and she placed her own mother under a sleep spell and stuck her in a coffin. That’s cold as ice, little lady, but she points out to Klaus that it’s just a page from his own playbook; he’s famous for sticking his relatives in coffins as leverage.

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Marcel is back in town, too, trying to step right back into his role as the King of New Orleans. But there’s trouble brewing over Henry’s murder of Poppy, the vamp bartender. Henry’s holed up with the Crescents, Hayley’s disappearance leaves the delicate truce she’d just engineered in jeopardy, and the vamps are ready to attack the Bayou.

Josh, never afraid of the ugly truth, points out to Marcel that his rebirth as a super-vamp years ago makes it hard for him to step in as leader of the vampires again. He’s not one of them anymore. Not only has he been literally in bed with a Mikaelson for years, but he’s also now immune to the Hybrid bite that would kill any of the rest of them. If he wants to lead, he’s got to do more than show up with his million-watt Marcel smile.

Marcel takes this advice to heart because he’s a smart guy. He leads his people to the Bayou and talks to the wolf who’s in charge in Hayley’s absence. He explains that he can’t afford to let this murder go unpunished, or there will be much worse ugliness to follow, but he doesn’t believe in harming kids, so Henry will just be put away for safekeeping until he comes of age. On top of that, when Henry is released, he’ll step right into a role at Marcel’s side, to learn from him and live under his protection. It’s way too good a deal to pass up, so Henry is handed over.

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Henry is questioned about Hayley’s disappearance, and Marcel quickly realizes the boy’s inability to respond is the instinctual protective attitude toward his Sire. He calls Klaus with the news, and Klaus confronts Hope.

With Hope’s role in this whole thing out in the open, Marcel is able to call her to the dungeons to calm Henry as he’s being bricked into the wall to serve his sentence. Marcel is kind to Hope, which makes perfect sense, as he knows better than anyone what it’s like to have Klaus for a father.

Also awesome toward Hope? That chef dude, Declan, of whom I was somewhat dismissive last week. It turns out he’s been around quite a while–long enough for Hope to have painted his portrait. Poor guy’s probably doomed.

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There’s also a baby vamp lurking around Hope, having followed her from school for reasons that I don’t believe…he claims to feel guilty over bullying Henry, who’s rumored to have committed suicide. Hope lets him in on the secret that Henry is alive and well, a Hybrid born of her own “tribrid freak” condition. She lets him wander freely around the compound all day, presumably because she’s got a crush. I don’t trust this dude at all. Years of pop culture tell me you can’t trust a cute, popular teenager who suddenly takes an interest in a shy girl.

Freya and Keelin have a brief reunion, but Keelin wants Freya to go away with her, and Freya can’t bring herself to do it, echoing Rebekah as she says, “I can’t love you and my family at the same time.”

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Vincent’s flirting with a gorgeous fortune teller named Ivy. They get together for a Tarot reading, and her interpretation is that Hope is the source of all the dangers swirling; his take on it is that Hope is potentially the only one with the power to prevent the coming calamity. The obvious answer is that they’re both right: Hope is the reason for everything that is coming, but how it turns out will depend on how she’s treated if you treat her as an enemy. You risk turning her into one, but if you work to bring out her best nature, you can help her do wonderful things.

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Klaus and Freya go to the place Hope said she left Hayley, but the news is very bad. The coffin is empty, trashed, and bloody. Hope is in distress, and Klaus promises to get Hayley home safely, but in the meantime, he needs Hope far away. The longer they are near each other, the worse the omens get. Snakes everywhere, including Hope’s mouth (yikes and ick…yick).

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Baby vamp Roman is going to give Hope a ride back to school, but just before they leave town, something goes very wrong: Henry’s dead, chest ripped open, hanging from a balcony for all to see. I’m guessing her putting him in the peaceful state of mind is what caused him to be especially easy to kill, long before desiccation would have set in, so she’s got even more to feel guilty for. That won’t help her delicate state of mind.

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Another killer episode of The Originals. This show is so tightly written, so beautifully acted. I’m going to miss it when it’s gone. 10/10

Favorite bits:

Josh is pointing out to Marcel that the optics of keeping a teenager in chains in his apartment aren’t exactly stellar.

Roman, after wandering around the Mikaelson compound, “Did you know you have a dead redhead in your parlor?”

Vincent and Ivy’s method of reading Tarot by letting all the irrelevant cards catch fire must get expensive.