The Originals Ep 503 “Ne Me Quitte Pas” #TheOriginals

This gorgeous mini-movie was the story I wanted for Elijah. It’s not guaranteed to be the last we see of him, but it could be. I genuinely hope it is. At the end of season four, I was so happy for Elijah, and I didn’t want to see him get dragged back down by his family. This episode gives us hope that he’s genuinely free of their madness.

(Just to be clear, I think Daniel Gillies is a brilliant actor, not to mention one of the most handsome and most charismatic people ever to grace our television screens. I’m happy for Elijah if he’s out of the story, but I’ll still miss him!)

Elijah’s story begins when he awakens on a bus after Marcel’s compulsion. He’s at a complete loss, confused and starving. He sees a vending machine and thinks the items within might help with his hunger, but he literally doesn’t know his own strength; he punches a hole in the glass and stands perplexed as the gas station’s employee confronts him. Then things get even weirder for him; he hears the man’s pulse, and he’s overcome with the instinct to feed. Like a budding serial killer, he takes his victim’s clothes and truck.

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He goes north to New York City, which means he’s dangerously close to where Rebekah wound up around this time… not that he knows that, or why it’s bad, or who Rebekah is. Elijah still doesn’t know who he is. But he gets lucky when he crosses paths with another vampire, the lovely Antoinette, played by the talented Jaime Murray.

He approaches her and begs for help, and she teaches him about being a vampire. She shows him the beauty of it, the intensity of their senses, the ease of living well via compulsion.

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As their relationship heats up, he invites her to a rave that turns out to be a “group feed” for the creepy vamps she wants nothing to do with. She teaches him essentially how to be an ethical butcher, showing him that blood tastes best when the victim has been compelled to feel at peace in death. If you feel troubled at these scenes, I hope you’re a vegetarian.

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In the park, she sits him down at a public piano and helps him discover the talent buried in his subconscious. The moment is lovely, and it’s rudely interrupted by Marcel. He orders Elijah out of New York, because of Rebekah’s proximity.

Antoinette is understandably freaked out by how real all this has gotten. She blows town, but Elijah stays, determined to learn about himself. Actually, he just goes full Ripper, and Marcel finds him again.

“Elijah, even without memories, you are still a pain in my ass,” he says. He relents and tells Elijah just enough to calm him, that Elijah asked for this, that he did it for a good reason. “Trust yourself,” Marcel counsels him.

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Elijah finally accepts his situation and goes off to find Antoinette. This is how he winds up in Manosque, France, playing the piano.

Years go by, and they are happy. He proposes marriage, and of course, this is the moment Klaus picks to show up and demand that Elijah return and help him rescue Hayley.

Klaus compels Antoinette to break Elijah’s heart and leave forever. Antoinette is way too smart for that, and this gorgeously constructed scene allows us to see how much more she knows than Elijah has realized. She’s on vervain, so Klaus’ compulsion fails, and she tells Elijah his past has finally caught up. She stakes Klaus and immediately tells Elijah the stake won’t have killed him. She clearly knows exactly who she’s dealing with.

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The surprises continue as it becomes clear Elijah knows more than she realized, too! It turns out he has put together enough pieces to be able to research himself and his infamous family. He is disgusted by Klaus and rejects him utterly. Klaus gets his heart, and his neck, broken.

Antoinette and Elijah head home. She’s ready to pack up and leave town, thinking they must flee before Klaus wakes up. Elijah knows better. He knows Klaus will accept this and let him go. In a truly beautiful performance from Joseph Morgan, that prediction is proven true.

Elijah takes off his daylight ring. He’s finally ready to commit to his new life, with all the secrets out. He opens a window to let the sunlight stream in, using the flames from his own body to set his Mikaelson artifacts aflame, symbolically burning all that he was, so he can become the person he deserves to be.

I loved every moment of this. It was a worthy sendoff for the tragic hero Elijah has been. I’m happy for him, and I hope he gets to enjoy his new life forever.

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What about you? Do you think this is truly the last we’ll see of Elijah?