The Originals Ep 505 Recap “Don’t It Just Break Your Heart” #TheOriginals

So, when we last saw Klaus, he’d determined (through a brutal process of elimination, of course) that his enemies were vampires, not witches or wolves. Then, he’d found a Nazi coin left as a clue/calling card from an old enemy. This week wastes no time with Klaus tearing through the vamp community for answers and finding that Greta is his true target. He chains her up and starts bleeding her; once the vervain is out of her system, he’ll be able to interrogate this creepy Nazi with her smug, smarmy smile.

In the meantime, she’s willingly offering up some information: They’ve met before, long ago (not long ago by Original standards but still) in 1939. Klaus was in dilettante mode back then, lounging around a German pub and insulting a fellow artist, some tool called August Muller who was the inspiration for the Nazi vamp movement that Greta carries on to this day. More on that later.

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Elijah and Antoinette are canoodling in an alleyway when they notice a creeper. Antoinette snaps his neck with a quickness, and they find that he has been following and photographing her for a while. She isn’t all that surprised; this is not the first time she’s been stalked.

Back in Mystic Falls, Freya is training Hope and trying to talk her out of ever triggering her werewolf curse. Hope seems pretty blasé about the whole having to murder someone aspect of it, but hey, like father like daughter, I guess. Anyway, Freya and Hope are getting at the heart of Hope’s “tribrid” nature in this scene, which nicely sets up the conversation Klaus and Greta are having: Greta evilogues that Hope is an abomination, that Hybrids are against nature, and Hope’s ability (and proven willingness) to create more Hybrids makes her an enemy to the vamp purity movement. So that’s what vamp Nazis are apparently about these days. (What they were about back in the 30’s remains unclear, so I will continue to assume they were just garden-variety Nazis back then, and that their vamp-specific Nazism evolved more recently after Hybrids came on the scene.)

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Anyway, Greta’s demands are offered to Klaus: If Hope submits to the Moonstone ritual to bind her werewolf side, then Hayley will be released. Marcel wants to convey this offer to Hope, arguing that if Hayley dies and Hope only learns later that she could have tried to stop it, it will destroy her. Klaus counters that if Hope goes through with this torture and Hayley is killed anyway by these treacherous swine, that’s just as bad. They both make good points.

And it’s kind of moot because Marcel has his relationship to Hope, so he passes along the info to Freya, who starts the ritual at Hope’s request. Of course, Klaus sees this coming a mile away and superspeeds in to stop it.

Hope is devastated that her attempt to save her mother was thwarted, and she confides in her vamp boytoy, Roman. He offers to help her get the ritual done, and they take off together in his car. Oh, you dumb girl.

Antoinette is finally forced to come clean to Elijah about the fact that they’d met before! (I can’t believe I ever liked her.) Turns out the shifty woman who’s ensorcelled our Elijah is August Muller’s daughter! And she’s all, you know how the family is like I wasn’t totally on board with the whole thing, but you gotta take the good with the bad, and I suppose Elijah could be expected to empathize after his centuries protecting Klaus. But also, Elijah doesn’t remember that stuff, which means his ability to empathize is kind of limited.

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Back in NOLA, Klaus is making new Hybrids with the blood Hope spilled to start the Moonstone ritual. Seems like he didn’t bother asking the wolves whether they wanted this, good old Klaus.

Josh is actually on board with Greta’s plan, because he liked the ongoing peace that preceded Hope’s disastrous choice to make a Hybrid. But also, Josh is dumb enough to let Greta get the best of him down in the tunnel; she beats him nearly to death and escapes.

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In our final flashback of the night, Klaus was ripping through the Nazi vamps’ nest back in 1939. He throws down the Nazi coin and offers mercy to anyone who picks it up and begs for their life. What do you know? Greta, Antoinette, and Roman are all there. Hope’s in serious trouble.

Final thoughts:

Excellent callback to TVD when Elijah and Klaus discuss Rebekah’s infatuation with Stefan and the dark ending to that relationship.

Hope’s first kiss was with a genocidal maniac… I guess girls do tend to like guys who remind them of their fathers.