The Originals Ep 506 Recap “What, Will, I, Have, Left” #TheOriginals

Antoinette and Elijah answer an unexpected knock at the door. It’s Greta, come to drop in on her more-or-less estranged daughter, with ulterior motives from hell. She isn’t exactly subtle about informing the couple that Antoinette’s brother, Roman, is dating Hope Mikaelson, and she fears that Klaus will harm her son to protect his daughter. Elijah, stripped of his emotional connection to Klaus, only knows of his brother’s bloody reputation. His white knight nature and devotion to Antoinette guarantees he’ll do exactly what Greta has planned.

Speaking of the young couple, they’re road-tripping, having a grand old time, because Hope hasn’t yet realized her boytoy is evil AF. Poor girl. We’ve all dated the wrong guy at some point. She realizes someone is using a tracking spell on her, so she does a spell of her own to thwart them, then drops both her and Roman’s phones on the side of the road to stymy modern tracking options as well.

As they arrive at the middle-of-nowhere creepy house where Roman is delivering Hope, per his mother’s wishes, he at least starts to feel a little bit bad about it. He stops her from touching the doorknob until he disables a warding spell that was no doubt intended to neutralize her. As a result, she walks in, awake and aware, able to see her mother chained to a chair! Finally, the poor girl starts to recognize that Roman is far from Romeo. But it’s too late: Roman slaps her in chains, disabling her witchy-woo.

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Caroline and Klaus are on the road together, looking for Hope and Roman. They have some wonderful scenes together which are the emotional high point for this episode (the episode is excellent top to bottom, but it would be unremittingly dark without the Klaroline scenes, so thank you for that!).

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It’s Caroline who has got the tracking spell going, thanks to a class of witches back at the Salvatore school. The spell fails, so she admits that “Find My iPhone” will have to suffice. (I guess The CW no longer has an exclusive sponsorship arrangement with Windows. Remember how hilarious it was when Bonnie and Elena would suggest to each other, “Just Bing it!”)

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Of course, the iPhones were ditched on the side of the road, as we saw earlier. I guess the kids don’t use passwords, because Klaus and Caroline are instantly going through the phones for information, and Klaus finds the final piece of the puzzle: Roman and Greta posing together. Caroline calmly identifies the woman in the photo as Roman’s mom.

And Roman is a total mama’s errand boy. He’s kind of whining at his mom over the phone because he’s starting to realize her plans are maybe more sinister than she’d told him, and he kind of likes this girl and would prefer not to piss her off for all time because then she’ll probably never sleep with him. I mean, he doesn’t say all that, but it’s the whiny subtext. I hate this brat.

Back in NOLA, another subplot concerning people’s right to make informed choices is unfolding. That’s a major theme this season; I’m getting. This time, it’s about Declan, who’s finally really distraught about Hayley’s unexplained absence, because I guess it has been so much longer than she usually ghosts him at a time. Freya feels bad for him and is about to let him in on the whole supernatural enchilada, but Vincent puts a stop to it. They have a big debate about Declan’s right to know what’s going on, and Vincent even comes around to Freya’s side once Ivy weighs in on it too. But what’s interesting to me is that no one brings up the fact that Hayley chose not to tell this guy the whole truth throughout their entire relationship. Hayley has made her own decision about what he should know, and they’re not even considering her in all this.

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Roman’s nervous about how his mom is probably kind of an evil psychopath on her way to murder the girl he likes, so he calls Antoinette and tells her some of what’s up. She’s all uh-oh, but her choice to disavow daylight rings means that she can’t just immediately catch up to Elijah and fill him in about her mom’s deception.

Hayley and Hope have agreed to submit to the Moonstone ritual, and they do Hayley first. I don’t know, maybe a proof of concept or something. As soon as it’s done, Hayley bites the witch, and Hope snaps Roman’s vile neck, but it’s no good; Hayley’s just a vampire now, and it’s daylight, and she doesn’t have a ring. They’re trapped in the farmhouse of horrors, waiting for Greta.

Greta walks in and knocks Hope out, and Roman is starting to see just how deep in the shit he is. She wants him to prove his loyalty to her and the movement, and more insidiously. She recognizes that he’s softening toward these people, and she knows that the way to end that softness once and for all is to make him do something unthinkable so he’ll have to harden his heart to live with it: She orders him to kill Hope. The total loser whimpers, “Please don’t make me do it,” and I hate him more than ever. Roman? You don’t even really care if Hope dies, as long as your guilt is through inaction rather than direct attack? Go straight to hell, you little weasel.

All parties converge on the farmhouse, and Elijah attacks Klaus, preventing him from getting inside to save Hayley and Hope. Caroline gets neck-snapped and is out of the fight, leaving brother vs. brother.

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Inside, Hayley tries to protect Hope, but Hayley’s weakened from the ritual, and Greta still has a daylight ring, so this fight is profoundly mismatched. Greta quickly gets the better of Hayley and plunges her hand into Hayley’s chest.

As Hayley is about to die, she does the math. This is her final chance to try to save her daughter. She rips off Greta’s finger, sending the daylight ring to the floor, then yanks them both out into the sunlight. She dies, but she takes that Nazi bitch out with her. It’s as good a death as one could ask for, ask Captain America.

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RIP Hayley. You were too good for this world.

Final thoughts:

Antoinette’s version of vamp purity is, intriguingly, a kind of philosophical descendant of the Nazi vamp movement in which she was raised. She chooses to distance herself from the ugliness of it, but she’s still fanatical about purity in her way. It’s a fascinating development.

I would like to believe that Elijah is smart enough to realize he’s been duped and reconsider his alliances, but the preview for next week indicates otherwise.

It turns out Declan is Cami’s cousin. That will probably turn out to be important for some reason.

Man, Salvatore Academy must be full of genuine monsters. I mean, not just literally. It’s weird to think about, but they make a point of reminding us from time to time that vampires and werewolves both require an act of murder to complete their transformation. That means two-thirds of the students are already killers. Just imagine.