The Originals Ep 507 “God’s Gonna Trouble the Water” Recap #TheOriginals

Freya’s there when Hope awakens after her mother’s death because she’s still the only family member who can be. Caroline sends Klaus a magic note of condolence and affection, explaining that after what had happened, she hopes he’ll understand she needed to be with her children too. Klaus then sees a dying houseplant and knows that Elijah is still near.

Elijah is here with Antoinette, essentially for her mother’s wake. At first, she’s touched by how many people are here to honor her mother, but that’s because she’s a pure fool. Antoinette has been Nazi-lite for so long, avoiding the real deal, she’s allowed herself to forget what they’re like. She tried to be a purist without acknowledging the Nazi roots of her purism; she tried to indulge her mother’s evil here and there without supporting it. The same way some of us might have Thanksgiving dinner with our racist uncle and laugh uncomfortably at the atrocious things he says but never argue, because what’s the point, and hey, you can’t choose your family.

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After the Nazi meeting, Antoinette starts to come out of her delusional family fog a little, truly disgusted by her mother’s friends. She tries to talk honestly to Elijah about what’s happened, but he’s enjoying his state of denial too much to listen. And that’s when Klaus shows up to snap Elijah’s neck and bite Antoinette!

Meanwhile, the ridiculously gorgeous pairing of Vincent and Ivy meet up to discuss very bad news. The Mikaelsons/Darkness curse is rapidly bringing about the end of the world! The final plague is one that will even get Klaus’ attention: Death of all firstborns includes Hope.

In a dungeon, Elijah watches Antoinette die slowly of Klaus’ bite. He begs Klaus for mercy, offers to take back his memories in exchange for the cure, but Klaus refuses.

Klaus rages to Marcel, and it’s powerful to watch. His anguish over Hayley’s final moments, when she thought her lover had returned to help, only to see the cold look in his eyes as he failed even to recognize her, is a beautifully written and acted scene of the sort that takes years (seasons) to earn. Man, I am going to miss this show.

Elijah renews his offer about the memories, this time directly to Marcel. Marcel brings Vincent to make it happen. It doesn’t go so well, though…Elijah blocks out his own memories subconsciously, leaving him unconscious and in pain.

Klaus isn’t pleased to learn Marcel took Elijah’s deal. Turns out the real reason he refused it was not to punish Elijah but to save him from the torment of remembering Hayley just after helping to kill her. “The truth will destroy him now.” Dammit, every time you think you know Klaus, there’s another layer that makes you love him even more!

Hayley’s funeral is lovely and sad. Klaus attends, but he says his final goodbyes to Hope, explaining how dire the consequences truly are, how close to fulfillment the curse is. After their tearful farewell, Hope asks Freya for help breaking the curse once and for all. Freya is smart enough to know there’s no way to prevent Hope from trying, so the best thing for everyone is to help.

As he goes to leave, Klaus’ neck is magically snapped, and he awakens with Elijah in a psychic construct.

Final thoughts:
Man, I love Marcel’s speech to Antoinette about how little sympathy he has for children of Nazis who don’t write off their parents.

Hope hasn’t been easy to like. With all that’s going on, she gets annoyed with Freya for not thinking to call Declan?

I love the white hallway in Elijah’s mind. Callback to another great episode!