The Originals Ep 509 Recap “We Have Not Long to Love” #TheOriginals

At the compound, Klaus, Freya, and Hope are sitting down to a breakfast that could feed an army, and I envy their immortal metabolism. But even though there’s plenty to go around, Hope is not ready to welcome an uninvited guest: Elijah. His memories are restored, and he’s ready to reconnect with the family he’d left behind. Hope’s ready to cut his heart out with a spoon.

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Honestly, it seems like Hope is transferring her guilt to a large extent. More comfortable to hate Elijah, whom she’d long since learned to live without than to keep dwelling on the very real role she played in her own mother’s death.

Declan is back in town, and he’s pissed at Freya for not getting in touch about what happened to Hayley. Man, Freya keeps taking the brunt on all this! She makes up a pretty lame lie about Hayley dying in a car crash, making no attempt to explain the part where Hayley had been missing for weeks before her death…but Declan is probably too distraught to call her on this…or more likely; there wasn’t time in the episode to deal with his noticing that significant plot hole!

But Declan isn’t done with awkward Mikaelson encounters, because heartsick Elijah walks right into his bar to get to know him! He’s trying to play it cool, like his pain is completely unrelated, but in this scene, Declan is smart, so he catches on that this guy is the jerk who’d broken Hayley’s heart long ago.

All over the Quarter, Nazi vamps have papered the town with leaflets, trying to spread their message of assholery. Marcel is understandably put out at this nonsense, and he starts working toward an alliance to take on this crappy axis.

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Also interested in an alliance? Nazi vamp #1, who approaches Vincent to make a deal with the witches. Our Vincent is way too cool for that, of course.

Freya and Keelin are trying to have as much time together as they can before Keelin leaves town again. Freya hangs out at a werewolf Mardi Gras set-up party, helping with decorations. But we can’t have nice things, so a compelled human suicide bomber wanders in helplessly to carry out the Nazi vamps’ evil plans. The brush with death is a wakeup call for Freya, who proposes to Keelin! I swear, it’s such a nice story, you could almost forget how they met when Freya abducted and tortured Keelin…nope, can’t forget that. Sorry.

Back at Declan’s bar, Hope shows up and confronts Elijah, and it seems like Declan is finally getting some insight into this weird world he somehow has been sheltered from… but no, Elijah will wind up wiping his memory and compelling him to remember only the simple version of the story, where the girl he loved died tragically in a car crash. Under the circumstances, it’s a kindness from Elijah, but overall I’m not sure why everyone is so committed to keeping this one guy in the dark.

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Vincent and Ivy have a nice moment together, and she goes off to pray for peace with some of her pacifist witch buddies, and I think, she is so totally going to die tonight.

Hope has been having trouble keeping the Darkness at bay. Hence her attack on Elijah right in front of Declan, and Klaus is pretty upset about what this fell power is doing to his daughter. But she discovers that one thing does quiet the Darkness within being super ultra-violent! Klaus can’t help see the upside in this, because it’s the ultimate daddy-daughter activity for a guy like him.

Marcel, Vincent, Josh, et al., gather to confront the Nazi vamps, but they get a nasty surprise: Apparently, Vincent no longer speaks for the witches. The witches took the Nazi deal. Vincent realizes quickly this means the pacifist witches are pretty screwed, and sure enough, he finds Ivy and her friends dead.

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The Darkness is in Hope, and that’s a perfect metaphor for the overall story right now. We’re going to see a lot of death before the end of this series.