The Originals Ep 510 Recap "There in the Disappearing Light" #TheOriginals

After having pledged to help Hope purge her Darkness-driven rage, Klaus has been letting her use him as a punching bag! It's not enough, though. When she expresses a wish for a more deserving target, he says, "Give me a name." Of course, she wants to take out her anger against that pretty boy vamp who wooed her only to help kill her mother, and I'm so on board with that plan!

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Klaus does indeed nab Roman and bring him home for Hope, and he offers an endearing paternal pep talk/torture tutorial that could only come from good old Klaus Mikaelson! Alas, Hope wants privacy to deal with Roman, so Klaus takes the hint and leaves them alone.

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Roman does actually manage to beg for forgiveness convincingly, and you do wind up believing he regrets what happened and probably didn't entirely see all of it coming...but he screws up big time when he tries to empathize with Hope by saying, "I lost my mother too!"

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Um, no, Roman, you didn't lose your mother, because all of this was your mother's fault. She was the driving force in the entire plot, so she bears full responsibility for all of it, including her own death, and you actively assisted her throughout, so you get no sympathy. Even if one were feeling far more generous than I about sympathizing with you, there would remain the fact that you "lost" your mother after hundreds of years together and only technically look like a teenager, where Hope is an actual teenager whom you helped deprive of growing up with a mother. So officially no sympathy, no empathy, take a long walk off a short pier, Roman.

Speaking of Nazi vamps and their evil acts, the pacifist witches were not merely murdered...they were sired! Ivy awakens and learns that she must kill by nightfall or die, and she steadfastly refuses to become something she is not. No matter how much Vincent begs her to cling to life at all costs, she chooses her identity over her existence.

Vincent actually knows what fate awaits her beyond death, though, and he can't bear to watch her make that decision uninformed; he spirit-walks her to the Other Side to show her how the witch Ancestors of New Orleans suffer in eternity so that living witches can draw on their power. 

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When that knowledge fails to change her decision, Vincent makes a radical and beautiful decision of his own, and he convinces the covens to back his play: The living witches will join together in a ritual to unbind their Ancestors once and for all! From now on, their magic power source will be the earth itself, and none of their dead will suffer for them.

The ritual complete, Ivy goes into death peacefully.

Ultimately, Hope loses steam on torturing Roman, because she realizes she's not really angrier at him than at herself--they both played their parts in the events that led to Hayley's death. It's a mature decision, but it means her Darkness is continuing to build up without an immediate outlet.

Antoinette has reached out to Elijah, noting that hey, your brother's trying to kill my brother again. Elijah comes to Klaus, and a plan begins to form.

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Antoinette and Elijah call all the Nazis together to meet in the cathedral, and they do a good job selling their intention to band together...until Hope strides in from the back and unleashes the full force of her Darkness at them! Ding-dong, the Nazis are dead--only wish it were so easy in real life. 

Unfortunately, the cathedral isn't as empty as one would assume at this hour...Declan has been going full Cami lately as his memories and observations compete with his layers of compulsion to forget. He's upstairs researching his late uncle Kieran, and he's mortally injured in the magic blast.

Klaus gives him some blood to recover, mostly because his death would trigger Hope's werewolf curse. Declan eventually wakes up, and he immediately checks on the condition of the other guy who'd been up there reading...yup, that guy's dead, and Hope is on the wolf train, full steam ahead.

But now, the heartbreak of the week...

Marcel goes off to track down the Nazis and drive them out of his town once and for all. But much like Superman, Marcel is vulnerable to magic, and the Nazis still have at least one very powerful witch on their side. Their pet witch brings Marcel to his knees, and they strap him into a device we're all uncomfortably familiar with from back when Freya tortured Keelin (and somehow it turned into love? Still not clear on that one). The Nazis intend to extract Marcel's vamp-killing venom and use it to attack all the vampires who won't join up.

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Josh is the best friend anyone in New Orleans ever had, so he comes to check up on Marcel after realizing it's been a while since he last checked in. He kills the witch, evening the playing field a bit, and he and Marcel throw down with the Nazis... but one stabs him with a syringe full of Marcel's venom.

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I had a feeling this one was coming because it's the final season, and we all love Josh so damn much! But it still made me weep. In death, at least he was reunited with Aidan, and hey, I'll take it. Those two deserved some version of a happy ending.