The Originals Recap Ep 412 "Voodoo Child" #TheOriginals

Episode Grade: 10

So, I know Vincent's as badass as they come, and I know he doesn't want anyone close enough to get hurt if he goes dark while playing with the dangerous forces of the Hollow. But still, he's working with the journal, a powerful and crucial mystical object; it's way short-sighted of him to do this work without a backup. A couple of vampires standing watch, maybe, I don't know. Anyway, of course, the Hollow's acolytes bust in and take the journal from him. He puts up a good fight, but he's alone, and they've got a mob. So right off the top, we've lost a major asset. It's a good thing they don't actually do Vincent any harm in the process. (Plus, we will retrieve the book pretty quickly, with help from Klaus--why would you ever pass up help from the Mikaelsons when you are working on the same problem?)

There are a lot of relationships in fragile condition right now. Rebekah and Marcel can't seem to interact without Rebekah going all jealous and snarky. Hayley is incredibly cold toward Elijah as if he deserves to be held accountable for the horrors of the mindwalk.

As another example of the awesome, expedited nature of storytelling on this show, there's no delay in revealing Hope's Hollowed-out condition to her family. Hope draws a blank on a simple family tradition, and her hand is tipped.

As Hayley figures out Hope isn't herself, Freya puts the pieces together as well. Meanwhile, Sofya and Vincent are also independently making it known that the Hollow is not remotely gone yet. Straight into the action, everyone in the know--I love it!

Vincent has a plan to keep Hope from being overwhelmed by the Hollow; while others attack the Hollow directly, he will perform a spell to let Klaus make contact with Hope on the psychic plane. Sofya had shared with everyone how hopeless and lost she felt when the Hollow was taking over her body, which weakened her beyond the will to resist. If Hope can be inspired to stay strong for those she loves, the Hollow might not be able to harm her as deeply.

It's a good plan, as far as it goes, but we all know it won't work, if only because there's still one more episode after this! The Hollow destroys the journal, preventing Vincent from using it to trap her essence. Hope fades away despite Klaus' fond efforts. 

With Hope lost, it seems that all hope is lost! But Vincent has one last idea. His sales pitch could use some work, maybe; he presents this plan as, "The end of your family. The end of always & forever."

Do you think Hayley's been way too harsh with Elijah? Share your feelings on their relationship in the comments!