The Originals S3 Recap #TheOriginals #AlwaysandForever

When I think back on Season 3 of The Originals, these words come to mind: Be sure your sins will find you out. In S3, the chickens were coming home to roost from all over the globe and throughout history. 

Klaus' bad breakup with crazy lady Aurora led to her wreaking havoc all over town, in league with her vicious brother Tristan and their serial killer pal, Lucien. This brought to light a long-kept secret about Elijah having caused the bad breakup in the first place, convincing Klaus he was unworthy of love and probably driving Aurora crazy. 

Tristan, Lucien, and Aurora wouldn't even be a problem if our favorite Original siblings hadn't vamped them back in the old days...or if they hadn't then compelled these three baby vamps to believe they were actually the Originals, who were at that time being hunted throughout Europe. A tangled web, to say the least.

The faux-riginals sought revenge by first undoing the top-down bond that causes all vamps in a bloodline to die if their Original creator dies, so they could then safely kill the Originals. They succeeded in decoupling from Klaus, which resulted in all his descendants with grudges converging on NOLA; the only reason they'd stayed away all this time was knowing they'd die too if they managed to kill him. Since he'd considered the bloodline bond insurance for so long, he'd been a total dick to a staggering number of powerful people. 

Another key component of the faux-riginals' plan involved the creation of a serum that would bump them up the food chain to Original level...or higher, in fact, because it gives them a bite that is incurably fatal (like werewolf bites, but without the Klaus' blood safety net).

Elijah's creation of an elite secret society bit everyone on the ass when The Strix set up shop in New Orleans and started acting like they owned the place. Marcel infiltrated The Strix and wound up taking over, because he's awesome. Unfortunately, Elijah killed Marcel...but not before Marcel drank the serum, allowing him to come back stronger (and pissed).

Davina started out in a position of power, having been made Regent of the New Orleans covens. Unfortunately, she murdered a rival to cement her power (manipulating poor Hayley to do her dirty work), and she got caught. Vincent was chosen as the new Regent. Being deposed left Davina ripe for exploitation by others, like the Strix, who tried to recruit her for their own coven. She used them to gather the power she needed to bring Kol back from the dead...but the Ancestors were pissed at both her and Kol, so they sent him back wrong. He was cursed to go on a killing spree that ended, tragically, with Davina herself.

This came right on the heels of the sorrowful episode in which Cami was killed. Poor Camille had been a pawn in the Originals' world for years, but her luck finally ran out this season. Aurora vamped Cami in a jealous rage when she realized Klaus preferred Cami to her; Klaus successfully defeated Aurora (and Tristan), but his newly super-charged foe, Lucien, bit Cami in revenge because he always thought he'd eventually get with Aurora. Klaus managed to give Cami a lovely shared dream of a perfect day together before she succumbed to the venom.

And while we're on the subject of the people on the show who least deserve to have anything bad happen, we also lost Jackson last year. It sucked. He was the best guy, and he got caught up in the crazy world of the Originals because he married into their family. He stuck it out, even through all the indications that his bride was pining for Elijah, and he treated her like a queen and her daughter like his own. You were too good for this world, Jackson.

The season ended with Elijah and Kol suffering Marcel's bite, Freya poisoned, and Klaus daggered with the blade of psychic torment. Rebekah's also a sleeping beauty, due to hex, and all the siblings are being sustained in a magical stasis, while cures are sought for their injuries. Hayley has the dangerous job of watching over the coffins, as well as her daughter, Hope. Vincent and Marcel are running New Orleans, having cut off the ancestors and exiled the Originals.

What did you love about S3? What are you excited for in S4? Do you think Cami has a shot at returning or is she just a figment of Klaus' broken heart?