The Vampire Diaries 804 "An Eternity of Misery" Recap #TVD

Well, that was a downer. Last week’s final scene was, as I feared, not a fake-out. Tyler Lockwood is dead. That reveal comes at the end, but I just needed to get it out of the way so we can talk about the stuff that’s less of a bummer. 

We open this episode with the first of many flashbacks to an ancient time, because this week is our origin story for Sibyl and her sister, the second Siren we heard about last week but have not yet seen…or have we? Of course we have, and your two possibles are clearly the two new women on the show: hot nanny Selene and aggressively flirtatious Georgie. Now, we’ve seen Selene get her throat slit, which you’d think wouldn’t be enough to harm an immortal creature. On the other hand, Georgie was super helpful with finding and figuring out the pitchfork; Alaric wasn’t even present when she discovered the pitchfork, and you’d think an immortal creature would simply dispose of the only weapon that works against it, not hand the weapon right over. Plus, Sibyl even teases her audience about the name Selene, calling it a suspicious and “very Siren-y” name. 

So, the story of the Sirens starts with a psychic man named Cade, short for Arkadius. He is a good guy, because with psychic power comes great capacity for empathy, but his outreach attempts scare people who don’t want their dark sides to be seen, much less spoken of aloud. Burn the witch, of course. Gotta love people.

Another psychic is identified by these fearful villagers. It’s the young Sibyl, of course, and they dump her off to die alone on a remote island. Not quite alone…there is another, described initially as “the girl of the island.” On this island, there are berries and wild boar, but the girl isn’t satisfied with those culinary options. She coaxes Sibyl to help her call out to a passing ship, which hears and turns in their direction. Sibyl thinks, “We’re saved!” But the girl knew what would really happen: The ship is dashed against the rocks, and the sailors’ provisions wash up on the shore. Sibyl is distraught at the murderous action she feels she was tricked into participating in. The girl coldly says she likes a little more variety in her diet, and anyway, the so-called victims were from the same society that dumped them off here to die alone, so hell with ’em. (Hell with ’em is a running theme with the Sirens.)

Sibyl, telling the story, wants Stefan to see himself and Damon in these roles. She challenges him to acknowledge which he’s more like. Are you the reluctant killer who gets dragged into it? Or are you the one who started this whole thing and condemned both siblings to hell? Of course, we know he’s the one who dragged Damon into their vampire life, in addition to being a Ripper. 

Speaking of Damon, he’s off on a quest for something the Sirens need. He grabs a guy who’s supposed to be connected to the item in question, and he realizes the guy’s watchband is soaked with vervain, implying the guy knows about vampires. But no, he just knows a guy who knows about them–his son, Matt Donovan! Awesome to see you, Matty Blue. Though we all hoped you’d gotten free, it’s super-cool how badass you are.

Matt tortures Damon for a while, but Damon turns the tables with a Bond villain move; he tells Matt that Tyler is stuck in a trunk, bleeding out, and if Matt dallies too long here, he won’t be able to save Tyler. But this is why we already covered this plot point in the opening paragraph; the false hope is painful. Matt hurries off, with dad riding shotgun, but Tyler is long dead. It’s like the show wants us to stop loving Damon or something. I’m a little thrown by the way this season has gone.

Georgie sneaks into Alaric’s house to snoop around, and Selene confronts her. Shortly thereafter, Georgie comes at Alaric in the Armory, and he escapes through the Siren cave under the building, which leads him back to Mystic Falls. Alaric concludes Georgie must be the second Siren, but of course, she was merely compelled to do this stuff by Selene. 

Yep, Selene is the Siren. So…maybe the solution will be as simple as Caroline saying, “Oh hey, I found her bleeding on the kitchen floor that time, so let’s try going for the throat!” I mean, probably not…but otherwise, I’ll be waiting for some kind of explanation of why Selene at least pretended to be vulnerable when attacked by someone other than the people she was actively trying to fool into trusting her. Maybe so much contact with the twins had siphoned her power at that time? 

Selene kills poor Georgie, and her parting words are ominous. Remember how Georgie drove drunk and texted, crashing the car and killing her friend, and she’s been convinced ever since that she is going to hell? Selene confirms that the death of her friend sealed her fate, and she says, “Send Cade my regards.” 

In the moments immediately following death, though, something very important happens. Remember when Katherine tried to pass through to the Other Side, and she couldn’t?

She was the first to be sucked into the abyss, followed by other baddies like Silas and Markos. Georgie’s human, though, which makes it kind of more terrifying. Basically, I think we should assume everyone is doomed, because all our friends in the TVD universe are killers. Maybe Jeremy’s okay? I think he’s only killed monsters? Maybe Alaric, as long as they don’t hold the events of Season 3 against him? Like I said, this episode was a total downer. WTF, TVD?