#TheWalkingDead Season 8 Episode 15 "Worth" Recap + Questions and Theories

Sunday, April 8th, 2018

Episode 15, "Worth" was the slowest yet most rewarding since the eighth season began back in October of 2017. Since the groundbreaking 100th episode of the series, The Walking Dead has made many fans worldwide unhappy. But, they did "Worth" justice.


Carl's letter to Rick.

Carl's letter to Rick.

Worth' opened up with Rick reading Carl's letter along with a busy community below. As the letter went, you heard actor Chandler Riggs doing the letter voiceover as Carl Grimes. About halfway through, he sees Michonne heading inside with Judith. She sees him reading the letter and smiles. When the letter ends, Michonne is seen laying on the bed. She sits up and goes inside of a nightstand drawer and pulls out Negan's letter. 


When it comes back, Gregory is with Simon. He tells the pathetic former Hilltop leader that his actions made him look like an ass. Gregory says things changed since 'Margret' took over. Simon informs him that he has taken over as head honcho and turned his words on him. Gregory says it's a stupid idea to kill him and he WON'T go out as Simon wants. Next thing Gregory knows is the pattern of the wood on the floor because Simon knocks him to the floor, breaking his nose. Simon tells him he planned on killing him, but they can talk over coffee. The scene changes to the members of the Oceanside clan searching the surrounding forest for Aaron. They still can't believe he's decided to die out there trying to change their minds. At Eugene's outpost, the wives have crafted Eugene a brain-powering food that he used to eat in college and from that point forth, all will eat it. He tells the members of his bullet crew that Simon has ordered an astronomically large amount of bullets made by the following day. He tells them they'll scrape the minimum to keep him happy. He finds a bad bullet made by Gabriel and gets on him. He removes him from the line and tells him to weep quietly in the corner. Eugene tells him he's going to fire off a few test rounds. When he gets outside, his guard is shot by an arrow, and the door guard falls dead, killed by Rosita. They rush him off property quickly. Dwight goes out to smoke when Negan's whistle is heard. Stopped dead in his tracks, Dwight can only look with shock. Negan likes his element of surprise and says that he shouldn't be shocked that he's alive. Dwight admits that with the evidence he and Simon found, he wasn't too sure if he was alive or not.  Negan tells him it was like a punch in the dick when no one came. He and Dwight move a dumpster, and he tells to remember all they have done and can do. Dwight glances out to a walker that's chained to the fence.

TWD 815 4.jpg

A meeting is in session mainly focused on Simon and his decision to defy Negan and sabotage the Hilltop. He admits his wrongdoing, granted he kinda has to but still admits it with no wavering. He asks his boss to 'give him a pass' this once a Negan brings up the dirty past. Then, he tells him to get on his knees. Simon does t fight it. Negan asks if he's going to make a move and he says there's no point to. After a drawing moment of suspension, Negan tells Simon to get up, and all is forgiven. Meeting adjourned. Negan holds Dwight back though. Negan compliments him on his never changing devotion despite his horrible things they've happened. He does what he has to for him to keep going. Negan smiles.

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Daryl and Rosita are walking with Eugene.  He thinks they're taking g him back for the comradely factor but truth be told they only want what's in his head. First Daryl goes off on him then Rosita follows.  Rosita tells him to do something useful with his pathetic life. Dwight is mapping out a secondary map when someone knocks. It's Simon. He says they need to talk 'seriously'. Something needs to be done with Negan. Dwight agrees and this makes Simon happy. Daryl and Rosita turn and find a small gathering of the dead. Daryl offers to kill them while she watches Dr. Traitor. She watches over Daryl and gives Eugene the perfect escape to puke-bomb Rosita and escape. They chase after him when he was under their nose all along.

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 A weak. version of Aaron is seen passed out under a tree as the sky pours the rain. He wakes suddenly and drinks the gathered water he's managed to collect. When he hears a walker, he prepares to fight but he is beyond weak and exhausted. He fights off a small pack Later on, he hears Rachel, a child Oceansider, ask if he's dead. Aaron wakes and preaches to them that the only way to escape the wrath of Negan and his men is to FIGHT. He falls backwards.

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Dwight is by the dumpster waiting when the others come. While they improvise a plan of attack against the boss man, Negan is hearing it all. At the end of the chat, he appears while all of the other men minus Gregory fall dead. Simon jumps at Dwight and Arat and another hold him back. He asks why and Negan tells him because of the garbage people. He tells him he's gonna give him one last chance, though. Negan smiles and tells Simon 'If you wanna be the man, you gotta beat the man.' Inside of the Sanctuary factory, a group of all the Saviors both workers and fighters has gathered. Simon and Negan fight brutally. While it's commencing, Dwight and Gregory sneak away. He tells him to tell Rick "not tomorrow" and gives him a map. Gregory leaves. Negan knocks Simon to the ground and begins to strangle the backstabber to death. He yells at him "you got Saviors killed then you ran away like a coward!" When he's dead and Negan stands, he tells the crowd, "what an asshole."   


  Gregory gets to the Hilltop and is immediately put behind the fence jail. Maggie gives Rick the map. Negan and Dwight walk towards Dwight's room. Negan tells him it was a serious waste but what was bad for him was good for D. Negan offers the right hand man position to him and Dwight accepts. He promises to help out with finishing Rick. Negan says he already has. When Dwight opens his door, Laura is there. He tries to run but is blocked. She tells him that he looks surprised and tells the story of Dwight's treasury. Negan laughs and tells him he knew the fake ass plan would be delivered to Rick. Then he says he has plans for Dwight. Eugene gets back to the outpost and orders every last person to begin making bullets. Negan's orders will be filled by they following day. Then, he quote Rosita: "Time to do something useful with our pathetic lives."

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A freshly turned Simon is on the walker fence at the Sanctuary. Negan is overlooking the fence when Michonne comes over the radio. She wants to read Negan the letter Carl wrote. After a few choice words between the two, she reads the letter to him. He shows true emotion throughout, sadness, anger, and realizing that the future serial killer is gone. When she finishes, he tells her that after everything has been done, there is no going back, and he wouldn't accept their surrender if they were on hands and knees begging. He says he never wanted what happened, but Rick made it happen. "You tell him no more talk." He throws the Walkie Talkie down and crushes it to pieces with his foot.

Carl's letter to Negan

Carl's letter to Negan

Wow...this episode...just wow. What did you think of Sunday's episode? Let me know in the comments below.

Here are some theories for Sunday's 2 Hour season finale.  

  • What will happen to Dwight? In episode 15, Dwight was busted. Surely, Negan will imprison him. But will he survive? This is hard to answer. With the way they have been going with switching things up, I'm leaning towards no, Dwight will not survive. I believe Negan's comment in the trailer for the finale 'it's time to clean house' Dwight will be a victim of Negan's Wrath.
  •  What will happen to Father Gabriel? I think Gabriel is safe from Negan's Wrath. I think Gabriel will only be used for an example rather than an actual murder.   
  • Who will die?    Personally, I think A LOT of people will die in the finale. Dwight may die, multiple people from the Savior will die, Morgan may die, Carol may die, many people from Oceanside may die, and a handful of Hilltop people may die too. It is going to be one bloody season finale... 
  • Will Rick and Co fall victim?     No. Dwight warned them not to attack 'tomorrow.' So, with that being a large hint, I don't think that they'll fall into Negan's trap. 
  • Negan's Fate:    I think Negan will be badly injured, maybe within an inch of his life but not dead. Rick may have a come around and imprison the villain instead of killing him. And then again, maybe not. I personally a meaning towards imprisonment.

What do you guys think of my theories? Do you agree? Do you think differently? Drop a line in the comments below and Let me know! 

Author/Editor: Joeleen Gatlin