#TheWalkingDead Season 8B Episode Summary

AMC and their #1 T.V. series had their historic 100th episode when the eighth season aired on October 22nd, 2017. From there on out was smooth sailing into the record books.

Today, I'm here, to sum up, the first half of the eighth season of The Walking Dead.


S8E1 #100: Mercy;

The three communities meet up and hatch a plan to take down the Saviors once and for all. They attack the Sanctuary while another group leads a massive horde of walkers towards the Saviors compound. Gregory abandons Gabriel. He is surrounded and is locked in a confined space with Negan. In the end, we see a hint at Santa Rick. 

The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 1 ' M  ercy'   #100 Credit: www.amc.com

The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 1 'Mercy'  #100 Credit: www.amc.com

S8E2 #101: The Damned;

The second half of the war is in full swing. Three separate groups attract the Savior outposts. Tara and Jesus' group managed to capture a group of Saviors including the one that killed Benjamin. They head to The Hilltop. Rick finds a baby in an outpost and runs into Morales. 


S8E3 #102: Monsters; 

Ezekiel AND Carol's group takes out outpost after outpost. Morales taunts Rick. They enter a shootout and make it out alive. Aaron takes the baby to The Hilltop. A surprise attack leaves all of Ezekiel's people dead...

TWD 803.jpg

S8E4 #103: Some Guy; 

Showing the previous hours before the war, the people of The Kingdom gather their final moments with their families, friends and say final goodbyes. As is flashed to the present, Ezekiel is the only one found alive. Then, he is captured. Carol takes on the pack of walkers after Jerry saves Ezekiel. During their escape, Shiva dies. Rick and Daryl get the guns. The Kings community is down about 50. Carol, Ezekiel, and Jerry are the only survivors. Ezekiel hides in shame. 

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S8E5 #104: The Big Scary U;

Gabriel is seen for the first time since the premiere. Then, it dips back to before the attack on the Sanctuary. It shows Simon babying Gravity, rewarding him. Then, chaos begins. Rick and Daryl get a knockdown drag-out fight. Gabriel and Negan get back into the Sanctuary but Gabriel is injured. 

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S8E6 #105: The King, The Widow, and Rick;

After Rick and Daryl split, Rick visits Jadis and the Scavengers. But, it goes south. Quick. Carl brings food to a stranger who reveals himself as Siddiq. On their way back, they get into a tangle with walkers and, wait, was Carl just a bit?

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S8E7 #106: Time For After;

After Rick is refused, he is placed in a holding container. He is drawn and sculpted. But, when Jadis has had her fun, she sicks another mutated Walker which Rick happens to beat. Then, a change in power is exchanged. They agree to join once more. Eugene tries to launch a contraption that Dwight shoots down. Speculation arises that a traitor is among the Saviors. Daryl and Co smash a truck into the Sanctuary and wallers invade. 

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S8E8 #107: How It's Gotta Be;

In the mid-season finale, Rick takes the Scavengers to the Sanctuary which quickly turns ugly. Carol comes to the rescue, and they head their separate ways. Maggie AMD Jesus is intercepted by Simon, Alexandria is surrounded by Negan, and The Kingdom is overrun by Gaven. All of the Safe Zoners hide out in the sewer, Daryl, Dwight, and Co ambush a group, Maggie kills a hostage and Carol and Ezekiel take back the Kingdom, but Ezekiel sacrificed himself. Rock arrives and he and Negan fight. When he gets to Michonne, she takes him to the sewer where he finds everyone, including someone new and his bitten Son.

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This season has been a wild ride
Will you be tuning in Sunday to watch the madness unfold once again? The Walking Dead's Season 8B premieres this Sunday at 9 p.m. only on AMC.

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Editor: Joeleen Gatlin