#TheBlacklist Season3 Recap & Review

Where's just less than 12 hours til the most anticipated season premiere of The Blacklist tonight at 10/9c on NBC. Season 3 blew the roof off like no other show! Let's take a short quick recap of last season.  

It was a real roller coaster at speeds that double at the beginning of last season. Liz and Red were just at the beginning of their run from the law as Liz is wanted for murder for killing Tom Connolly. So instead of them leaving the city, they're gonna stay until things cool off and they do it in the coolest fashion, dress up as cops, steal a car, take a redesign cop car, break into a place for some clothes and a new hair style and be on their way to a guy that has a shelter in his bar. 

Liz had to make a couple of sacrifice herself to save her and by time when she runs into the Russian Embassy for safety. But she wasn't gonna be safe there for much longer as Ressler and Red had to work together to save her from the Russians as she had a bounty on her head. 

She does get saved and from Red and the two are off on a trip I would call of an adventure of a lifetime, but calling it gathering the pieces to fight the Cabul. There were those moments when Ressler and the FBI team would get so close to the two, but Liz and Red were two steps ahead. Meanwhile, Cooper being out of his job, teams up with Tom Kean and to help save Liz by finding the man that framed Liz. But the all the running that Liz and Red have done must come to an end as Liz get caught by Ressler and taken in. The Director and his team has been working with the FBI near the midseason finale, trying to capture Liz and finish her off. 

The episode The Director, Concussion was the one that could stand out the most from that point. One of the moments was as Liz is in the safe box, The Director has finally got his guy to break the code and make her suffer. Aram, being the only one there, does everything and gives him the code to release her out of the safe box. Aram runs in front of them with a gun and demands that they release her and thank god he did because her life was saved by Ressler and company. Liz still had to go through a trail and that's where Red and his Team of 11 comes in and does their own version of Ocean's 11 to help save Liz and finish The Director for good. As soon as Liz was free, she learned that she was pregnant and that it's, of course, Tom's. So the two try again to be together and Red doesn't think he is a good person to be with, once again.

Tom and Liz gets married with a gun a blazing as a new force comes to take Liz away. Everyone was on at hand to protect Liz but when Liz and Tom make their get away things didn't look promising as Liz was starting to bleed. She was taken to a secure location where Red and Mr. Kaplan had a team to care for her. Soon a baby girl was born. But Liz's health was taken a turn for the worst and they had to move her. For that they need to get to the hospital, but it was too late and in front of Red she died. 

We see Red in a big defeat walk off and than go by himself to a place in Cape Cod to get his thinking straight until he saw someone running towards the water. She was trying to kill her but he saved her and took care of her. Whoever this person was, wasn't real at all, not even the bad guys that were after her. Everything he had seen and heard was through his mind, like the stay of in Gone Girl. 

It took Red awhile to get back, thanks to Aram for turning in Red's debut that he own him. And now the team seeks revenge on who killed Liz. It all came down to a woman name Susan Hargrave, who ordered the hit or should I say kidnap Liz. When Red got her, she gave the name who ordered it, Alexander Kirk, one of Red's most dangerous friends. Gargrave helped Tom as the two teamed up for what will be a spin off series coming later in midseason.   

When they got how to get Alexander Kirk out of his secret place, the pieces for Red was in place to shoot him on site, but he didn't come as he was still in his home. The foolish thing was Tom escaped his protect and flew to Cuba where Liz was waiting. The death of Liz was a plan from Kaplan from the time the baby was born and boy when Red knew about it he was so pissed. But Liz being alive might be one of the shocking moments, but it came when Kirk kidnapped Liz and her baby. Liz was tied up in a dark room with guards and soon Kirk comes in, he talks and tells her that he is her father.....

So many twist and turns this past season that has opened a flood of stuff for the new season that no one seems to tell. Hell the promos and trailers are former clips of the past three seasons with only a few for season 4 with Red and Dembe. 

You can catch the season premiere of The Blacklist tonight at 10/9c on NBC.