#TheBlacklist (S4, Ep. 12/13) "Natalie Luca (No. 184)"/"Isabella Stone (No. 34)" Recap/Review

"Natalie Luca (No. 184)" 

I love a really good deadly virus thrilling story, I know I'm weird, but it just brings everything to a whole meaning. And this episode was just that exception.


"Natalie Luca" is a fascinating episode with memorable characters and moments. It's got that throwback to such virus TV movies to even I thought the Mary Tyler Moore Show. 


We continue from the previous episode of Red's accountant, who was murdered, gets Liz and the FBI to find the person who killed him. But down the road they found out that he was taken out from a deadly disease and that this suspect turns out to be a carrier that has been part of a corporation experiment since she was a litle girl. 


This suspect, Natalie, goes by the name Typhoid Mary. Her and her partner, a scientist, who's trying to figure a cure for her. But the FBI gets closer and when they catch her, they handed her over to not the Hazmat team but the Corporation that she escaped from but her partner get there in time but gets killed. The two have one of those romantic moments that you just get pulled into. 


Even Red gets into an articulation with a foe that he has known. Red grabs Tom and has him as his secret assassin that everyone has heard of but is really fake. The foe tries to take Tom from Red but it was a distraction to get Red to meet with his foe. There was a nice monologue from Red about death that was so chilling. 


But later, Red makes a stop to see Natalie about who had her and her partner kill his associate and she tells him the name "Isabella Stone." For which is what the next episode is about. 


I'd enjoyed this episode a lot. As I said before I'm a sucker for very good deadly virus thrillers and this one comes close to it to say the least. I loved the story and there's some montage like The Mary Tyler Moore Show when Samar sees Aram's paycheck that he makes more than her and later on she gets a 16% bump thanks to Aram. The writing was good. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.



"Isabella Stone (No. 34)"

Talking about a lady who wants to take down the great Reddington. 


"Isabella Stone" is the continuation from the previous episode, as Red's world is being threaten, he knows that everything has been coming from Isabella Stone. Red tells Liz of Stone as the next blacklister but in this case, not only was she taking down his business but she's been doing some horrible things as well in the past. Kill two birds with one stone, right?   


In the search for Stone, Ressler gets a call about his brother needing heart surgery. It's a nice backstory for Ressler but it really didn't do much at all if it was going to bring him and Samar together to so. 


Stone tries to take out Red's two known associates, one in Europe and the other in the states. One in Europe, is with his wife at a casino, when he plays cribs, he gets drugged by Stone's people and she drags him up to his room where his wife is dead and he is out cold. She frames him for murder but Red get there and gets him out but he dies from gun shots from the police. 


The other is a well know entrepreneur (who suffers from ALS), when Stone gets to his business dinner, word gets around that he has been taking money from criminals, like Red. Stone later takes him back to his house and demands him to say what she wants him to say, but by the time he was going to, Liz and FBI get there and Stone pushes the guy in the pool.   Liz recuses him and Stone is in FBI custody. 


In the meantime, Tom gets word that his father has died in a plane crash. He wants to find out what happen 30 years ago. As much as I would agree with Red that the past is the past, I would want to be in Tom's shoes and find out who my father was and what had happen in that accident that made him disappear years ago.


This episode was not only good but there's a side of Red that we've never seen before. He's losing a lot of his associates in the last couple of weeks and it seems that he's going to go rouge more than ever. This seems to be coming from after Kaplan's so-what-death. But there was a very nice moment that Red and Liz had near the end that I really enjoy with the coo cu clock that's a gift for Agnus. But also Red did take Stone is his own hands once again, I don't know how long Cooper has the temper for this anymore. I think it'll blow up pretty soon.  Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.


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