#TheBlacklist S4, Ep. 14 "The Architech (No. 107)" Recap/Review

When the job calls on high-tech hacking, leave it up to Aram to handle it.

 "The Architect" isn't my favorite but yet it could have been a bit better. As Red tries to figure out who ordered to take his business down while the FBI

wants to do something more than just helping Red's business. 

The story lot with Red was good as he tries to freeze Isabella Stone in a freezer. He demands answers, and she gave him those answers, mostly who she was married too and how she misses him, along with a mysterious band card and a note of what to do. As soon as Red gave her back to the FBI, he saw the owner of the bank look into the bank card. But when he gets word back from his banker, he tells him that the card belongs to Red. Someone's backstabbing Red; my best guest would be one person: Kaplan. Just a guess.

Meantime, one of the highlights of the episode was to watch Red and Cooper get into it, and this time Cooper is pissed off because of Red taking Stone away from them to get his answers. So Cooper demands a big name, a big one from his list like he wants someone so juicy and challenging, so the Architect comes into play. 

Liz and the team go on a scavenger hunt and solving puzzles to get to an underground place called Black Mass. After solving the puzzle the one person who knows computer hacking has to go undercover once again and that would be Aram. Aram gets picked up and taken to what looks like a hacking party until the games began on who would be the fastest to hack into the system. Oh and a familiar face is there too...Elise. 

As soon as the games begin, Aram wins with the fastest time but then guns go off and The Architect appears and asking for the winner. Aram and Elise hide for a moment and soon The Architect takes Aram and gets him to hack the highly secured prison in West Virginia. While Aram was working, he puts a USB in the laptop and that let know where he was located. 

The Architect wanted to get one of the prisoners who was on death row get out. There doesn't seem to be any real reason that he's doing this, which got me lost for one. But the plan fell through and The Architect tries to drive away but Aram uses his Mark-5 missile on him within seconds. 

As I said, this episode wasn't my favorite as it didn't have enough story development with mostly the blacklister. Brent Spiner looked amazing as The Architect, looked fearful at times but I just didn't think that his story plot didn't seem to be good. I thought Aram was pretty good and him meeting Elise during this mission was quite fun even between Elise and Samar. And Tom's story was better than the blacklister. There were some memorable moments Elise and Aram having a moment in the storage room. Also both times, Red and Cooper on the phone and in person, I just love watching Lennox and Spader have a scene together if it's bad or good. Overall, I give this episode a 7/10.

You can catch the winter finale of The Blacklist Thursday at an earlier time: 9/8c on NBC that will be followed with The Blacklist Redemption at 10/9c on NBC.