#TheBlacklist S4, Ep. 15 "Apothecary (No. 59) Winter Finale Recap/Review

This winter finale will even have a true Blacklist fan dropping their jaws. 

As Red is close to confronting the person who's been sabotage his origination, we soon jump nine hours later to where Red is being treated for poisoning and going to die in less than 48 hours. With no indication where he has been, he calls on Liz and the FBI for help to find The Apothecary, who's the one true person who made the poison that is killing him. While they search for him, Red tries to find Dembe, who seems to be gone since the first scene of the episode. 

Let's jump to Liz and Ressler as they try hunting down the man known as Apothecary. This guy seems to be one of the kind in making poisons for clients. After coming up with a clue that Aram found, they found where the suspect would be located and as Liz and Ressler gets there, the Apothecary was gone, but his wife (who was drugged by him) was ringing them for help. She tries to tell them that he's at a baby store and as soon as they get there they take him down.

Red, on the other hand, tries very hard not to die while searching for Dembe. He traces his steps and lands on a sticky situation like finding a girl that he put in a truck and left her there to leaving his associates locked in the backroom at a restaurant. After trying to remember what poison him, he thinks it was the wine that was served only to him. He calls Liz and gets it tested. 

Hours later after the Apothecary told them the antidote, Red seems to be back to good health. His henchman and Glenn show up and told him that they found where Marvin was as he was the only member not to have shown up at the meeting. They head to meet with him and leaves Liz with a shocking news that the wine wasn't poison. She calls Red in time as he talks with Marvin and tells him the news, the poison has to work on a higher alcohol level, for which would be scotch that he had before everything and that's where Red figure out who poisoned him....Dembe. HOLY CRAP!!!!

"Apothecary" was one hell of a mystery episode that had a very good twist and turns but also one hell of a shocker. I never expected that Dembe would be the one. Hell, I was on the road thinking Mr. Kaplan might have done it, because she's alive and well she's Mr. Kaplan. But I truly think that the reason why Dembe could have done this was because of Red's rampage on Kaplan and others. This was a very good episode and for it to be a winter finale, holy crap I'm just counting down to April when the show comes back. I thought Spader's performance was another winner. The writing was so so good as it kept (me) on the edge of my seat. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch The Blacklist returning in April on NBC. And don't forget to tune in to The Blacklist Redemption Thursday nights at 10/9c on NBC.