#TheBlacklist S4, Ep. 18-19 "Philiomena"/"Dr. Bogdan Krilov" Recap/Review

Hold on to your hats folks, it seems like that this season will end pretty big. 


As Kaplan released the dead bodies that she had cleaned from Red, the hunt is on to find her before more damage can be done. 

With a whole lot of dead bodies brought back from the icy grave,  Kaplan goes after what will hurt Red the most, his closest assists and one by one she takes them down. She gets help by Philiomena, who's a clever bounty hunter than dog the bounty hunter. This one's like the black widow of bounty hunter expect for the killing. 

Red and Dembe go after Kaplan but comes short, with Liz and Samar going after Philiomena who was taking her next target Marvin Gerard. That scene with Gerard and Kaplan talking about how this whole thing she has done was pretty chilling. 

But the real chill comes mostly through the episode during the investigation from one of Ressler's partners, Julian Gale, who's been investigating Reddington for a long time tries to get Ressler in the game of getting Red but don't really tell him about how his task force was to help Red. 

Liz and Samar captures Philiomena and tries to get her to talk where Kaplan is because Liz wants to protect her. After a short talk, she tells where she's going and tells Red but they tell Red about the investigation of the bodies that Kaplan has released to the FBI. Soon, Red and Dembe leave to fine Kaplan. 

This was a very good episode and it's just building up to a huge ending I think. The performance from Enrique Murciano as Julian Gale was pretty good as a creep FBI agent who think that even though all of these dead bodies deserved to get killed that he thinks they deserved respect. There were some chilling scenes, but mostly the one when after Liz tells Red that he can not come up if he isn't going to find Kaplan and not kill her and when she headed up to her apartment, she sees Kaplan bouncing Agnus alone. The writing of this episode was very good and a real build up. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

"Dr. Bogdan Krilov" 

Talk about going back to memory lane. 

When Red gets word that Kate is going after Dr. Bogdan Krilov, the man that erased Liz's memories years ago. But what Kaplan was really doing was setting up Ressler as he gets a call aout a witness in the Reven Wright case that he still won't let go that really turns out to be a set up and tries to mess with his memories. 

Krilov makes Ressler believe that Hitchin was the one (who turns out to be right but with no proof). They set him up to make him believe that he met with her and talked and even followed her to her place. But as he sneaks in to her place, he tries to make her talk but Liz gets there in time to save him but not for long as he gets taken into custody for threatening Hitchin, which is what Kaplan wants as she tries to break up the Task Force. 

Meanwhile, Kaplan tells one of Red's associates the truth about his son's death but when Red gets there and explain his actions, what looked like a dicing situation turns into his favor with one of his own was working under the associate so he could keep an eye out. Red and Dembe escape and gets hitch hike in a pick up truck as they try to catch up with Kaplan meanwhile, Liz meets with Gale finally and has a real conversation about the murders and Reddingotn that makes me wonder one thing: does he too work with Kaplan? 

This episode was so good that even I fell for some of the twist once again like Ressler's memory and Red's tight situation. Yeah I know it's the Blacklist but I still get fooled at times. There were some good moments like Red and Liz about wiping her memory, also Liz and Krilov standoff trying to get him to talk by using his own drug to talk. Also Gloria Reuben coming back was great. Kind a wish that her and Cooper could share a scene it would be a very nice little ER reunion. The writing was very solid and good. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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