#TheBlacklist S4 Ep. 2 "Mato (No. 66)" Recap and Review

The Blacklist has done it again!!! 

This episode was outstanding from the start to the tragic ending. This episode really focused on two people, Liz and Mr. Kaplan. 

When Liz is in the airplane with Kirk, she soon takes the plane down, way down and hits the ocean waters. There only her and Kirk are stranded hoping for help to arrive. When a small boat comes, they are on board and just as Lix was asking for a gun from the fisherman, Kirk shoots him with his gun, that was in the toolbox. 

Kirk takes Liz back on a plane where they headed off to a place known as the Summer Palace. It's the place where Liz and her parents stayed a better part of their summer. As Liz is there, she looks around and when she spots the backyard she gets flashbacks of her and her mother. She runs towards the garden where at the time she was little her mother put some special things in a container and buried it. She digs it up and finds a few things, mostly a made bracelet. She puts it on and soon the FBI shows up and Kirk is gone with the baby. 

Meantime, Red and the team hit a bump, literally as Agnus is taken away again from the man I called Cuban Frankenstein, but he's name is Mato and Kaplan knows of him.  So  Red and team go back to the states where a friend of Mr. Kaplan knows how to get a hold of Mato. 

After trying the guy's office, they go to the OR where he's having stomach surgery and it was sweet seeing Red walk in the OR demanding to wake the guy up. The doctor woke up him and after Kaplan tried to talk to him, Red sent in Tom to do the job and after a good couple of minutes with him, he told him how to reach Mato. 

When using the number that they got, they waited for him, until Kaplan was spotted and Mato ran off being chased by Tom and Dembe, but stopped by Kaplan and the car. Red talks to Mato and told him about the story with an Indian tribe and threaten him to put him in a tight box leaving him rioting in there with no light. Mato talked and told Red that he was at the Summer Place. 

As Red gave Cooper the info, Liz was saved and taken to her new home where her and Tom reunited. Red on the other hand took a long trip with Mr. Kaplan. Now throughout the episode, Kaplan knows something is going to happen to her, the question is when. Red walks with her through an acre of land, where he told a story of how he got it. But soon tells her of how she betrayed him and that even it was for Liz and the baby that he can't trust a person like that anymore. At first we would think that he was going to let her live after he told her that the land was her.....until he says for all an eternity and shoots her. 

Shocking enough to see, probably one of my favorite blacklist supporting characters dead like that was enough, but when the camera came back to her we see her hand move as in grabbing on to the grass tightly. Holy crap!!! Here's a lesson for you, don't betrayed Red. I believe that's in Blacklist 101.

I loved this episode a lot. I thought that the writers handled this beautiful as we not only watch Liz go through more and more memories of her past, but Mr. Kaplan too. I have to give mad props to Susan Blommaert on a tremendous performance. Even the eerie score when Liz was going through the canister was great. Plus that song at the end too.

What did you think of the episode? Liked it? Hated it? Do you think that Kaplan will comeback for revenge on Red? Leave a comment.

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