#TheBlacklist S4, Ep. 20 "The Debt Collector (No. 46)" Recap/Review

When word of a Blacklister is targeting Liz, the FBI try to find him with some help before getting Liz.

With Red trying to get back to the states, one of his sources tells him that The Debt Collector is after Liz, he informs her about and gets the FBI to hunt the blacklister down. In order to help out, Mr. Kaplan helps the FBI on the dead body that the Collector left near the shore in 2002.

With Kaplan helping FBI, Ressler teams back up with Julian on the investigation of Red's killings. They even met with Marvin, trying to get answers but instead talks with Ressler alone and walks away. Julian thinks that Ressler knows Marvin.

After Kaplan finds out who the Debt Collector is, Liz is kidnapped and is taken to the the cabin in the woods where he was told to take her and keep her safe til someone comes. When Red gets word of it, he talks to Kaplan and tells her that just for this time leave the hate between him and her out and come together to find Liz.

While Liz is taken, Red is on the phone with Kaplan telling her that FBI is on their way, but she's coming close to the site anyway. As soon as Red is off the phone, he puts on his hat and opens the door. Now you would think that the boat that he and Dembe are in has ported but another Blacklist moment as Red comes out of that door into the room of where Liz and the Debt Collector are in.

Apparently Red hired the Debt Collector get lore out Kaplan. It was something that I never really thought of but very clever. As soon as Kaplan and her men are at point, Red has his men on site ready to take the shot but when Liz screams out Kaplan, she makes the phone call to Red and the two had a stalemate.


As the two talk outside, the FBI get there, but the worst part is that Julian follows Ressler to the site where Red is at and during a conversation with no one taking a shot...Julian tries to take the shot at Red's head but misses, and things go off in a blaze of glory with Kaplan running in the woods with her men.

Later, Red talks with Liz about that last scene that Kaplan isn't one to be trusted but Liz tells him that the test came back that none of her men took the first shot. Red believes there's a mystery guest around and that they'll just have to keep their eyes open.

"The Debt Collector" was written very well and beautifully shot as well. I couldn't get enough of Red and Dembe's conversation about Kaplan. It was so beautifully done and love how Dembe says that she hurt us. Also not to mention that standoff conversation with Kaplan and Red along wit Liz as that one was so well written and performed. This will very much open to a great season finale and thank god it's a two-hour epic event. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10. 

You can catch the epic 2 hour season finale of The Blacklist next Thursday at 9/8c on NBC.