#TheBlacklist S4, Ep. 21-22 "Mr. Kaplan (No.4)"/"Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion" Season Finale Recap/Review

It was a season finale that we've all been waiting for: Red v. Kaplan who will come out victorious? Here's a recap!

As Red tries to make a deal by selling weapons to buyers, apparently someone else had taken them and put Red in a sticky situation. Later on, he's trying to find any ounce of money in his accounts, but Kaplan apparently has sucked him dry, talk about a messy divorce. 

With that going, Gale admits to Ressler that he knows he's working with Keen and the task force that's working with Reddington and will take down him and the team for working with a criminal while committing crimes. That lead to Aram is getting picked up by the FBI and was subpoena to the court about the task force and Reddington. He was granted full immunity, but he wouldn't take it because he doesn't want to betray his friends. 

Kaplan tries to get into a secret government building that holds secret documents where Reddington's document of a full immunity was placed. She takes one of the officer's eyeball out and gives it to a hutch man to get the document. Keen and Samar gets there and chases him for a while but is caught by the police. Keen takes him to Red for a chat and as the guy tells Red that he can kill him all he wants that he won't talk. But he also asked for something in return if he can get Kaplan to him for which Red offers him a paradise island of his own that he had kept at Don's place (Liz's grandfather place). But Red kills him after getting the information.

Red and Kaplan meet in a theater, but it gets interrupted by Gale and his partner shooting at Red. Red and Dembe escape, but when Gale comes back to talk to Kaplan, she offers him that she can testify against Red. She tells what she knew and asked a full immunity but also to be left alone for a while she takes care of something very personal. She heads off to a place where a tree is marked with the letter K, and she talks to Katarina that she's doing this for Liz and starts digging out a suitcase and places it near a station. 

With the Task Force on their knees now, Red hunts for a man who's also a cleaner and finds him after making one of his clients call him. He not only gets him but takes Ressler to his shop where he has the Reven Wright's body in a container. They find the bullet that killed her and used it against Lauren Hitchin as a chip to get the committee to stop the testifying of the Task Force and Reddington, which they did. 

As soon as that happened Gale calls Kaplan and tells her about what just happen. He gets a nice visit from Red and takes his phone from him and kind of goes memory lane with him. It was one of the funniest scenes. 

As Red calls Cooper to trace the phone of Kaplan, Liz is in root to talk with Kaplan privately, and as they do, Kaplan tells Liz that she'll tell her the truth and drives her until Red's team stops them. Liz gets out as she kind of figures what the secret could be. Kaplan was ordered to shut the car off but instead shoots and drives off. She's stopping by Red on the bridge and the gang behind her. The two face off again and talk about how this is the end. Kaplan tells him when she's dead that Liz gets the suitcase. Red tells her that he's not going to killer her and as soon as she says, either way, Liz will learn the truth, she jumps off the bridge and dies. 

Later on, Cooper gives Liz an envelope that contains test results of a DNA test that he has always wanted to do ever since day one when Red and Liz met. Liz tells Cooper about how she did the same thing but never really looked and after looking she heads off to talk to Red and shows the results and just asked why waited to tell her this long. Instead of running, she just walks up and hugs him like a daughter should hug her dad. 

But this isn't over as Red and Dembe check the spot where that suitcase was buried and sees that it was dug up. Soon we see someone picking up the suitcase and guess who that person is...no other then Tom Keen (SOB!!!). Big Surprise!!!

This was one hell of a on the edge thrilling season finale that had some nice twist and turns, even at the end. I was stunned to see Tom coming back. I didn't think he would be back this season. But he's going to have a bigger role in season five. I'm so glad that Liz finds out that Red is her father. Now that that chapter is over let's begin something new and it looks like something big is coming. I was also stunned to see Ressler killed Hitchin by mistake or was it? That was a real OMG moment. It had a lot of great scenes from Ressler talking about Hitchin at the post office or when Liz and Kaplan talked near the lake or Red and Kaplan talking for one last time. The writing was very good and very much tied up the season. I can't wait for Season 5. Overall, I give this episodes 1 9/10. Overall, I give this season a 8/10.

What did you think of the finale? What did you think of the whole season? Will you be tuning in when the show returns Wednesday? Let us know by leaving a comment. 

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