#TheBlacklist S4, Ep 9 "Lipet's Seafood Company" Recap and Review

New year, new episode!!

Thank god, The Blacklist is back!! I've been getting a little bored during the month and a half since the show's fall finale. I got to have my Reddington fix, right? 

"Lipet's Seafood Company" is a great episode, if you haven't seen the series yet (kind of like Chicago Med). The question that we've been wondering since we heard about it in the promo is who's the mole on the team? 

Here's what stood out in this episode: One, Aram dealing with the aftermath being hacked of highly classified information. If you remembered, he got into a relationship with an enemy that he had no clue she was part of and hacked the post office. That didn't sit well with the US Attorney, and she interviews him about it. He admits that he's horrible at picking relationships and after knowing about Samar's mole doing (that's right she was the mole but to save her ex-boyfriend), he breaks off their date.

Another Liz and Tom finally get to have a normal life. Now that Kirk is somewhere that he can no longer be found or heard, Liz and her family get to have a normal so called life. She comes back to the FBI hoping to be an agent, but it won't happen due to the part that she shot the US Attorney (Season 2). But Red, who made a couple of deals with the higher job (President-elect) and soon gets her badge back.   

I found that the case this week was a bit disappoint but entertaining at the same time. There were a few moments that were really good but the case for this episode really didn't stick to me like the rest. The one thing that popped in my head when seeing fish and computer chips was literally thinking of getting fish and chips. 

None the less, even though the story wasn't as strong, the performance from the actors really help pull off this episode. Will I rewatch this episode down the road? Maybe. Will I remember it? Probably from drone to cheeseburger chowder. Overall, I give this episode a 7.5/10.

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You can catch The Blacklist Thursday nights at 10/9c on NBC.