#TheBlacklist S4 Ep1 "Esteban" (No. 97) Season Premiere Recap & Review

The Blacklist is back!! The most anticipated season is here and it starts on a high driven note.

We pick off right from where the finale left off, Red is looking around the room seeing blood and picturing what happen in the events of Liz, Agnus and  Tom were kidnapped. Soon Demebe gets a call on the location of one person that was there, and so they took off. 

We see Red and crew walking into a nightclub in slow motion fashion (which was beautiful done to capture Red's emotional state). They get to the back where a man was performing CPR on a cop, but by the time Red wanted to talk to him he was dead. So the next best thing was for him to carry out a mess operation of cutting the guy's head off. Yes, you read that correctly, Reddington cut off the dead guy's head off. AWESOME, right?! 

He takes the head and shows it to one of his friends, who takes him to a group of cops that were playing porker. Red ask if they know who the person is they'll get a cut of the money, but one didn't want to talk, he got shot and so did the rest of the three until the last one spoke of who he knows. 

When Red and Dembe found where Liz was at, they headed out to what looks like an automatic shop. There Red and Dembe search around and find a room with a glass window, where he hears Kirk behind the glass along with Red. Kirk and Red have a stand off moment, Red tries to break the glass with his gun but doesn't seem to do anything. But the Cuba police was coming, and Red and Dembe left but not before Liz tells Red that he needs to search for Agnus, but also Red tells her that he'll comeback for her.

Red figures that he needs help, so he calls on upon the FBI to find Esteban the Blacklister who is a double agent in Cuba for the USA, but Cuba doesn't know. Esteban is probably one of the scariest looking guys ever; he's blind and yet takes his plastic eyes out for his prisoners to hold. YUCK!

Cooper sent Ressler down there and had a meeting with Esteban at his place. The two had a nice chat, and Ressler calls on Red to have the two talk and meet. Red ask him to search for a girl that has been taken (Liz) and the baby. It was later that he found where Liz was being held.

Meanwhile, Liz and Kirk were getting to share a lot. He says he's her father, but she just doesn't buy it. Soon Agnus is brought back to Liz and soon she kinds of making a plan to escape the place but was caught.

Tom, on the other hand, was give the Cuba tour if you know what I mean. Kidnapped, was taken by the Cuban Frankenstein (if you will) to another guy that was going to take him out. If that guy thought he was going to have a lot of fun with Tom, he sure the hell doesn't know what the hell he was getting into. Tom knocks him out and kills him but after tells Kirk, who was on the phone at the time, that he was coming for his family and an army is coming. 

Red and team get to the spot where Liz is at and also where Agnus is at too. Dembe looks in the house and heads up stairs til Frankenstein takes him down and beats him til he leaves. Kaplan, who is not on Red's good side at the time, sees a woman grabbing baby blankets and stuff and find her with Agnus and takes her out. Way to go Kaplan!! 

For Red is raced out to the back and sees the plane leaving with Liz looking down from the widow all in disbelief and with sadness. The camera angle of Red's reaction was perfect in that scene shocked and lopsided. 

But the good news is that Red had Agnus, but the bad news is that they lose Agnus too when Frankenstein runs them over. He takes Agnus away but not til he gives Kaplan a kiss with his finger onto her lips. What the hell was that for?  OH, MY GOD!!! This took me breath away from the moment it started to the end of the episode. This was the best season premiere that The Blacklist has done yet. It was just so good from acting to the writing, and directional look of it was just amazing. I'm so glad that they didn't show a whole trailer and promos for this season but only small clips with previous clips. 

So, what will happen next? Looks like the haunt to save Liz is on. What will happen to Mr. Kaplan (to be honest I don't want her to go), but it looks like Red might kill her. If anybody agrees that I think, we would want Tom vs. Frankenstein fighting it out again, right? We all know that Tom can kick that dude's butt. 

What did you think of the season premiere of The Blacklist? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts. 

You can catch The Blacklist Thursday nights at 10/9c on NBC