#TheBlacklist S4 Ep.3 "Miles McGrath (No. 66)" Recap and Review

As the search for Agnus is on, Red gets a lead on the whereabouts on Kirk as Liz gets information about her mother. And someone isn't dead just yet....

Red is working alone to find Agnes but Liz isn't going to let him work alone. He tells her his lead of a man named Miles McGrath, a high profile entrepreneur who has created one of the biggest social media sites in the world, or as I can put it a psycho Mark Zuckerberg.

This Blacklist is working for Kirk to bring him something that he really needs, a deadly virus. And he does it by having a gang, that the leader knows Red, to steal it from a train. This virus is something that Kirk needs to help him survive with his blood disorder and needs to a bone marrow that doesn't seem to happen.

Liz sneaks out her mother journal and finds out that her job was to be with Red. But also learns about her father's illness. Red tells her after that he couldn't get Agnus that the real truth about Kirk that he wasn't in for a family reunion, it's for a family donation.

Also in this episode, Samar decides to request transfer to another department after Liz comes back to the FBI. She almost, I think, decided to stay when she called Aram and asked him to join her for a cup of coffee, but he had someone coming in his place for dinner. OUCH!!!

Also I fear the worst has yet to come and I mean that of Mr. Kaplan is still alive after Red shoots her in last week's episode. Her face is pretty messed up from what we could see in her reflection in the water. But she gets picked up from a mysterious man and his dog. I feel like she knows how this guy is, because she's not fighting for her life to get away.

This was a really good episode. The writing was good and the I find the character of McGrath to be interesting. I do feel like he's the psycho Zuckerberg version. The scene where Liz was reading her mother's journal and visual her at the table writing it was amazing and even seeing one another too.

Also I can't get enough of Brimley, even if it was just for one short scene asking Red for Dembe's help on a guy they're trying to information from on Kirk. Not to mention Tom being tested before joining the group to take the virus. Anyone think that Tom Keen would be an awesome Jason Bourne type of character? Just a thought.

What did you think of this episode? Like it? Hate it? Leave a comment! 

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