#TheBlacklist S4,Ep. 10 "The Forecaster (No. 163)" Recap/Review

When a calling card comes at the door of a murder happening, does Liz take the case? Of course she does!!!

"The Forecaster" might be one of the most thrilling episodes so far with the way it has been told. Liz and Tom are in their new apartment with Agnus and when Liz is about to leave for work and an collage of someone dead is laying in front of her door. Liz takes it to work and shows it and figures that a judge has been murdered and tries to see if Red knows anything about, for which he could only be brief about it. But for what we all know is that this collage predicted a murder would happen an hour before it happened. Spooky, right?

Meanwhile, while Tom and Agnus has a little daddy-daughter sing off and cleaning up, he sees someone walking up the door and dropping off another collage and this time he ran after the person. But as he runs off, he stops and runs back to attend Agnus because he doesn't want to lose that Father of the Week award.

That collage gives a clue about where the killing will take place, so Liz and the team stacked out. Liz got word about a finger print of the suspect that has been placing those collages at her front door. Soon someone on a bike appears, thinking that it might be him, until someone on a motorbike comes up and turns out that's the shooter and Liz saves the victim from getting killed.

Liz and Ressler interviews Fiona Driscoll about the collages and tells them that they are visions predicting these murders. Fiona shows them more of them, those that had happen and when she tells them that it's not her that's doing it but her daughter, Maggie. Maggie has some special disorders and apparently can hear things from other frequencies for which she has heard two men talking about the murders.

So Aram had the idea to use the frequencies that she hears in her hearing aid to their advantage on where that conversation she's been hearing from. It turns out the calls would be calling from the same apartment place as both the suspect and Liz spotted each other. The suspect makes his move quickly and grabbed the girl while Liz and Ressler got to the guy's apartment. Chasing the girl they got her back when turning up the frequencies all the way up to find her (screaming due to being so painful).  

Liz wants to use the girl one more time and this time just before she's done with her arts and crafts, they know where the suspect was going to hit. Trying to warn security, too late for that Cooper! But as Liz and team goes in, Ressler goes across the street and spots the suspect cutting the cable of the elevator and soon shots the guy (dead). But Liz save the victim when the elevator was coming down fast. 

That was a more interesting case of the week but I think it got a bit overshadow from Red's story plot when he rents an apartment of a former friend, who was shot to death. He meets with an associates of Iniko, Geoffrey, who he asked to invest in his business. It gets to be a cat and mouse type of game at the end when he brings in both Iniko and Geoffrey (who tries to kill his boss but fails). Iniko kills Geoffrey and Red kills Iniko after what he has done for the mining business and killing his good friend. And not to mention that he also took Iniko's cleaning crew, Sakiya and Fudo, who are now working for Red as Mr. Kaplan's replacement. 

The one person concern about this is Dembe and he tries to talk to Red about it but he's not really paying attention. Dembe goes behind his back and tells Liz about it and tells her that Kaplan is died, for which we all know is not true as she's alive and somewhere on a mysterious truck ride with someone after a creepy weekend with some woodsman.   

This was a lot better episode than last week. This episode has a lot of real interest from this week's case to Red's seeking revenge and Kate's replacement, for which as of now I've with Dembe concerning about Red. Also when Red asked Liz to see the new apartment he had a disappointing look on his face. The scene with Tom and Agnus was hilarious and fun. The writing was great and the cast performed very good. That actress who played Maggie were stole the show. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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