#TheBlacklist S5, Ep. 1 "Smokey Putnum (No. 30)" Season Premiere Recap/Review

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The Blacklist is back, and it feels so good and after watching this episode, you'll not only feel like you're having fun but something to look forward to in the season to come with a shocking moment. 

"Smokey Putnum" was probably one of the funniest and enjoyable season premiere episode since the season premiere of season two. As Red's empire is gone thanks to Mr. Kaplan's doing, Red is making ends meet by stealing cars to pay the rent at a hotel. He doesn't show that he's emotional hurt but enjoying it until the FBI needs a new Blacklister for the new director of the FBI. 

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With that in mind, Red and Liz go on this fun and hilarious trip as bounty hunters to find Smokey Putnum, who happens to own money he stole. As soon as they pick him up, they run into the neo-Nazi gang and take him away from Red and Liz. Unfortunately, they would get Smokey back in return but after a couple of runway attempts, Smokey goes to his court hearing.and Red gets his money.

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Now that being said, it wouldn't be The Blacklist without some twists and turns and in this case, a couple makes it even more memorable. For Red, you would think that from what Liz believes that he was scared after losing his empire that was totally out of the question. After Smokey goes to court, Red not only bails out Smokey but bails out the plaintiff too and gets them to work for him.

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Meanwhile, with Red and Liz almost having all the fun, Ressler was having a bit of fun too. After the events of the season finale, knocking down Nationa Security Advisor Hitchen and getting Henry Prescott to help clean it up. Cooper gets word about Hitchen and Ressler, and Samar goes to investigate it. But Ressler gets a bit nervous throughout until things were clear that it turned out to be an accident. But that didn't lead Ressler to breathe with a side of relief because Prescott found out who Ressler was and not who he said he was and going to be doing some favors for a while. Welcome to the dark side Ressler!!


The other twist and turn come near the end when Liz comes home and sees Tom is back. They both had something to tell one another. When Liz goes first to tell Tom that Red is her father, he back away and moved the suitcase that Mr. Kaplan had him pick up. After that, he just tells Liz that he loves her and won't be going anywhere but we see a flashback of Red and Dembe charging into Liz's apartment with guns and a bloody Tom is on the floor and we see Red shooting. What the hell?!! Just as soon as Tom comes back we see a future event yet to come that could end his fate?

This episode was fantastic, funny, and so enjoyable. After a couple of seasons of dark events, this was so nicely light in tone. The performance between Spader and Boone was hilarious in one way, and another was just breathtaking in another. They really have a great chemistry. Not to mention in this episode that Aram and Samar are now an item and it looks like it won't be an issue for Cooper. I did enjoy watching Ressler going to the dark side. Welcome to Liz and Red's world my friend. I can't wait to see where this season will go. It's going to be a blast. 

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Overall, I give this episode a 9/10. 

What do you think of the season premiere? What are your thoughts going into this season? Leave a comment!

You can catch The Blacklist Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.