#TheBlacklist S5, Ep. 19 "Ian Garvey Concussion (No. 13)"

"Heaven don't want and the devil is not ready for me yet"- Red


It's the episode that we've been waiting for since the midseason finale, and it does it in a classic Blacklist fashion. 

It's the episode that we've all been waiting, but the question lays to this: who will get to Garvey first. With the thrills that this show has taken between Liz, Red, and Garvey, it couldn't be any better when Red arranges a meeting with Garvey to get his secret bag, but of course, you think that Liz will let that go? Nope. When word about how Garvey was going to ambush Red, Red didn't take the bate from Liz and the FBI but arrange form a Blacklist friend, Sinclair for help. 

Thinking that Red would get his own double turns out to be the complete opposite as it turns out to be a Garvey double while Red has Garvey tied up. But the man wouldn't be in Red's custody for long when he gets the car to crash and escapes. 

Meanwhile, Liz has been busy talking to her long-lost half-sister about how Garvey killed Tom and all. Learning that Red lost Garvey, she asked her for help on where the bag would be, but when Garvey gets to the bar, Liz is there to demanded answers and the bag. But soon Red gets there, and it turns into a three gun stand with Liz pointing a gun at Dembe, Red to Garvey and Garvey quickly pulls on Red. 

But Red shoots Garvey multiply times, while Liz shoots Red. Red and Dembe escape when the FBI shows up. Liz tells Garvey that he will not die and comes with him to the ER, where she tries to get answers from him, till it was too late (if you take that by hand). 

After coming back from a couple of weeks on break, this episode was marvelous in the best possible way. It had it's classic Blacklist moments of Red and Garvey standoff, thinking that Red is a fake Red but was just the real Red and Garvey was the fake. It had the intense moment after moment where it's the scenes with Liz and her half-sister, Red, and Garvey or the stand out between the four at the bar.  This had Liz character driven by high speed throughout the episode, showing that she will do anything to get her answer. I don't know how the relationship between Red and Liz will do after this episode. But I know the hunt is on for the bag of bones and probably the one person that might know is Red's daughter, Jennifer. 

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch The Blacklist (with three more episodes left!) Wednesday at 8/7c on NBC.