#TheBlacklist S5, Ep. 2 "Greyson Blaise (No. 37)" Recap/Review

Here we go......


The fun continues this week on The Blacklist, and the code word is Pumpkin! 

"Greyson Blaise" was just fun and adventurous with a thrilling ending no doubt. The writing of this episode was so good with such memorable scenes and performances.

Red, Liz and the team pursue a billionaire, Greyson Blaise, who steals high price art and jewelry at night. To get to him, Red must meet and establish a partnership with one another. Red pulls Greyson in when he tells him that he has a famous painting that has been gone for nearly 30 years in his home in Itay.

But the catch is that Red doesn't have the painting or home in Itay so the team must rent a place and get the painting from who Red gave it too 30 years ago. But the painting was sold a while ago, so Red gets an old friend to recreate the painting and deliver it to the home.

You would think with the painting wouldn't get there that everything would fall into place, but it doesn't, and when the painting shows up Red corrects Greyson that he doesn't have it, but he does as in he is given the painting to him. But here's where the catch comes in, Red calls the Italian inspector and tells him that someone has taken his painting and arrested Greyson.

While Greyson is arrested, Red and Liz head to Greyson's home and get his staff to check and throw away papers, hard drives and everything that Greyson owns. But Red and Liz leaves with a flash drive, a penny and jewelry and brings them to Harold so they could arrest Greyson and bring him to the U.S.


Meantime, Tom searches for help on the bones in the suitcase. He goes to Nick for help to who the bones are, and even though he didn't say yes at first at the end, he does. Also, he finds a man named Albert, and when he gets his address, he sees him tied up in a chair bloody beaten. Tom hears someone and hides in the closet and sees Red and Dembe in the room. Red asked Albert about the suitcase but doesn't give a good answer and kills him. As soon as Red leaves, Tom asks Albert about the suitcase and mentions one name or the word "Oleander."

In the end, we see Tom and Liz about to have dinner and Red comes in, who happens to be invited but has to go. Things get very intense between Tom and Red after Tom asked him about what has he been up to and left it at that.

This was such a good episode that as I said before was fun, adventurous and thrilling. There were a lot of memorable moments from Harold telling Liz about how to talk to Red (like a teenager), Dembe trying to get someone to talk by cooking him a meal, Liz's question about Red's outfit color it looks like a pumpkin, but it's Tuscan Sunset. Even the scene with Tom trying to get Albert's address was funny, and mostly it was the dude who worked at the store. But the scene with Red and Liz going to Greyson home and telling the staff to do this and that was just hilarious. I could go on and on, but I think I'll leave it there.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.