#TheBlacklist S5, Ep. 20 "Nicholas T. Moore (No. 110)" Recap/Review

"Nicholas T. Moore (No. 110)" 


If there's one thing to get Liz to take a Blacklist case that's to fool her pretty well and this week's that one.

With Red being sidelined by his doctor after suffering a concussion from the car accident that Garvey had caused. Red and Liz discuss searching for the bag for each own purpose, but when Red puts away a newspaper that has a headline about a child found in the forest. Liz is thinking that it contains to Red finding the bag of bones, but really it was his smart way of getting her to take a case and for him to meet with his long-lost daughter.

The case that Liz and the FBI take on a cult that an author has people believing that the events in it are true. If someone escapes and is found, they must be burned due to the virus that they have contained. But when the girl gets kidnapped from the hospital, Samar gets close enough to the suspect but instead taking down the guy, and she's taken too. Aram is on full worried mode and tries to get Samar back, but after taking down Nicholas Moore and his cult, there was no sign o Samar, which means she still kidnapped.

Meanwhile, going against his doctor's advice and Liz's too, Red tries to meet with Jennifer, but she doesn't want to meet with him. But that all changed when she arranged a meeting with him and in exchange for the location of where Gravey might have done with the bones, she wants answers to why he left her and her mother He explains the best he can of how he was trying to go against the criminal organization The Kabul. But after all that, she doesn't believe it to be to save her and her mother as she tells him about Naomi, who apparently had died a couple of years ago and taken him to her grave. After taking him there, Red learns that Garvey went to Costa Rica and booked a flight there, but instead of going, he gets stopped by Liz, who not only wants to go but instead asked for his help to find Samar.

"Nicholas T. Moore" was another fantastic episode, mainly the story between Red and Jennifer, which was really strong and chilling but ends with a heartbreaking note of the death of Naomi. The performance between Spader and Fiona Dourif was terrific. Also not to mention, Amir Arison gave a strong performance seeing his character jump out of his shell to save Samar. As much as there has been a couple of times Aram had done that kind it still reminds me of when he was protecting Liz from The Director in Season 3. I wonder if this guy that has taken Samar is just a random person or is part of a known criminal organization that for some reason got a tip from Garvey about the bag of bones. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10,

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