#TheBlacklist S5, Ep. 21 "Lawrence Dane Devlin (No. 26)" Recap/Review

"Lawrence Dane Devlin (No. 26)" 


The hunt is on, not just for the bag of bones for Red, but also for Samar as her life is in the balance.

Picking up where we left off in the previous episode, all hands are on deck to search and find Samar and her abductor, and that includes Reddington to help too. Aram goes beyond, once again, to find Samar even if that has him getting answers from Moore, but in exchange for answers, he wants his bible, for which Aram got him.

The only answer he would give was of a prolific killer that he had hired to kidnap the girl and Aram took that information and went with it. From searching they wind up finding the suspect Lawrence Dane Devlin, who happens to be a man who likes to kill and feed mother nature of them.

Finding the guy's hideout and lab, missed Samar and Lawrence, who happens to be driving Samar to another location to kill her. But she tries her best to stop him by stabbing him with a broken metal rod from the van, but the final blow was for Lawrence was a bear attacking and killing him (thanks bear!). But as Samar grabs Lawrence's phone, the bear knocks the van that she's trapped in and it rolls down to the river, where she quickly calls Aram. Aram thinks of where she could be and when driving up he stops, and after looking around seeing a dead body and drag marks, he sees the van and runs down there. There he tries breaking in, finds and searches for the right key and as soon as he finds it he gets her out as quick as possible but would she be alive or dead? So far she's alive and on a breathing machine where Aram talks to her about getting married and that he won't leave her side while playing her song.

In the meantime, as Red goes out to search for the bag of bones, he learns of where it might be at an auction under another crime boss. Red tries to arrange a meeting with him but turns him down til Red shoots the place up and demands to see the man. After they talked and asked about the bag and Ina Garvey but the guy never says a bag til they search at the videotape and see that Ian met with a man that Red thought was dead, Sutton Ross. After looking, he bumps with Liz as she too got the same information as Red did. 

The two are at a standstill as both say that they'll find the bag of bones before they do, and leave it left it at that. Red leaves Liz there without given her a ride back home on his plane.

This felt like an episode that deserves a two-hour time slot instead of a separating a week apart. As much as Red and Liz's story arc this half of the season has been a thrill ride and unlike any other Red-Liz relationship that we've ever seen, this episode was definitely an Aram and Samar episode. Showing how much they each love one another. It's a touching love story for the characters. Even the song playing while Samar is at the hospital was enough to be grabbing the tissues. 

Anyway, the season finale is coming next week and with the news coming less than 12 hours before the NBC fall schedule was released the show gets picked up for a six season. And with that calming my mind, I believe that the finale will be unlike anything the show has ever done and that's just watching the promo and where we are at with everything on the line with Sutton Ross. 

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch the season finale of The Blacklist Wednesday, May 16 at 8/7c on NBC.