#TheBlacklist S5, Ep. 22 "Sutton Ross (No. 17)" Season Finale Recap/Review

 "Sutton Ross (No. 17)"


In the season finale of The Blacklist, the secret will be revealed one way or another. Spoiler Alert!

Let's recap it: We meet Sutton Ross as he pretends to be FBI agents and steals Data and information on someone as he tries to steal someone for money. He's the guy that Red and Liz are hunting down because he has the duffel bag of bones. After both failing to get him, Liz finally got to Sutton with his own game, pretend to be a buyer. 

Just as Liz demands answers from Sutton, he tells her that he'll let her know only alone, which happens but till he starts to hold her hostage. Red thinks that Sutton is bluffing, but Aram and Cooper can't take it and lets both of Liz and Sutton go. Sutton calls Red to demand to see him, or he'll kill Liz. 

After making an arrangement and distracting the FBI on where Red went, Red gets there tied to a chair in-front of Liz. With Red not talking, Sutton takes Liz to the other room and being beaten. It was until Red decides to talk til the FBI came in with Dembe and Red goes in rescuing Liz. He soon leaves with the duffel bag and shoots Sutton point blank in the chest. Red walks out and heads to Dominic's house to burn the bones, thinking that Liz doesn't know, but that's not true.


As Liz is standing over Tom's grave, she's talking to him like he's there and tells him what happen that as soon as Sutton talked that he needed to get out and that the escapee was Liz's plan. Plus Liz meets with the person that helped along with this, Jennifer. They planned to get Red talking, even if Liz had to get hurt badly for it. But she finally tells Tom that she knows the secret of the bones that it's Raymond Reddington and that she'll take down Red one way for good. 

So okay, this season finale was everything that I had hoped and more as it was exciting, dramatic, emotional (with Aram and Samar: ALL GOOD!). But the point that I didn't believe was Liz taken hostage fro Sutton at the Post Office. I would know that Liz would kick Sutton's butt in that situation. Megan is a great actor, but Liz wasn't so much. But I will admit that I was shocked to see Jennifer there as I didn't think she was involved. To see two half-sisters come together and working against Red was pretty creepy and shocking. This sets up a terrifying season six unless Red can figure it out before Liz takes him out with her soon to be assembled team.  

What did you think of the finale? Where you shocked or not? Leave a comment. 

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10 and the season a 9/10. 

You can catch The Blacklist as it will return next season (mid-season on Fridays sometime in January) on NBC.