#TheBlacklist S5, Ep. 3 "Miss. Rebecca Thall (No. 76)" Recap/Review


When there's a spree of killer cops, Liz and the team investigates it and finds it shocking, while Red deals with his issues and makes a deal that would make him kill two birds with one stone.

When Red sees that a good cop has been in the news for killing a man for violating his parole, he gets Liz and the team to investigate. There both Liz and Ressler interview the cop who shot the suspect and the cop's partner and figures out that the cop was lying about how many shots he took at the suspect.

They come to a conclusion of the lawyer that help with the cops' situation, happens to be the mastermind of getting them to kill those that needed to be killed and in return get a payment of whatever they need for their life or family situation.

Meanwhile, Red gets a couple of visitors that left him a message to see their boss, who happens to want Red's payment on guns that he promised to give but hasn't. So Red goes to the man that has a ton of money, Glenn.

Soon, Red meets with a businessperson who has gun products and buys him off but comes to that they'll have to meet at his private airstrip, for which Smokey and his friend help to make in time. But to make they each promise, Red gives the guy Tom to hold on to til they exchange.

As the airstrip gets done, the exchange happens, and soon cops show up. Tom gets pissed at Red but turns out that it was all Red's idea to get the guns, return Glenn's money and keep the guy's airplane as his new place for him and Dembe to stay, while the other guys go off to jail.

"Miss. Rebbecca Thrall" was a pretty good episode. It was another excellent, fun and entertaining episode. As much as I do enjoy watching Red and Liz, I do have to say that watching Tom trying to get these bones looked at has really intriguing. It really doesn't have to be a whole lot to show. Spader was terrific as usual in this episode and so was even Diego Klattenhoff as his character has really gotten in trouble and is living on the dark side of his great man code. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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