#TheBlacklist S5, Ep. 4 "The Endling (No. 44)" recap/review

Let's go....


"Isn't there anything in the universe more powerful than a mother's love for her child?"

I don't think there is and what this episode of The Blacklist has shown that a mother's love can stand anything even for her dying child.

Red sees that someone has been killing anyone who is part of The Endling, meaning the last of in the world. What this person is trying to do is more personal than anything could ever be. When Liz and the team are searching, they try to protect Princess Sonya that's in the town.

As they try to get to the Princess, things take a turn, and the suspect escapes with the Princess' daughter. Asking the Princess about what would someone want with their daughter, turns out that the daughter has a rare blood that's known around as The Golden Blood.

They search for any more rare blood disorders and found one that's in the DC Hospital. As Ressler and Samar get there, the child that they were going to protect is gone. And soon find out who the suspect is, Nirah Ahmad, who happens to be the child's mother.

Liz gets Red for help and knows who the doctor that's helping Ahmad and sees an old friend that fixed his left butt from a wild bore long ago. As soon as Red and Liz get there, Red talks to Ahmad with probably one of the most heartwarming messages probably of the week and gets her to leave the donors. They take her and the child to another location where Liz receives Nick to help, even though he doesn't want to but does.

The mother not only tries to save her child but gives her own life to save his as she shot herself in the head to give her heart to her child.

Meanwhile, Tom is getting worried that Pete might be pulling something after gaining access to files thanks to Tom stealing Liz's ID number. Nick, who was done with Liz, Red, and Tom, check on Pete and gets killed in Pete's apartment. The suitcase is gone and that Pete has gone rogue.

Red gets into a new style of B&B thanks to the mailman, who receives a list of homes of owners that leave for a vacation so. An outstanding business indeed I think.

"TheEndling" is a very good episode with a straightforward concept of a mother who tries to save her child from death and gives her own life to save his. Even though I probably have seen many of these kinds of stories before, it still shows an impact for me as a viewer. I thought Red's speech to Ahmad was really good and stood out from other moments in the episode. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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