#TheBlacklist S5. Ep. 5 "Ilyas Surkov (No. 54)" Recap/Review

Let's go.....


This week's episode of The Blacklist gave a twist that not only comes in the middle but the end when someone makes a call.

When a bombing happens, Red informs Liz about an Intel of the event that is by an international terrorist group. When they search for a suspect that has ties with the head of the terrorist organization, they get bumped by another team from the CIA.

They split the interviewing process for one another until when Ressler gets a call from Cooper that this CIA team is not at all any part of the U.S. Government, which turns into a shootout til they capture one of the members who thought that they were working with the CIA.

After the interview, the left behind agent checks out with her story but shows Liz and the team at their headquarters that turns out to be abandoned. The suspect they are after turned out to be part of the CIA but got blacklisted and disappeared. He's set to take out someone who's about to blow up a Navy Ship but was stopped by Liz but turns out the suspect was right when he says the soldier walking in was carrying a bomb.

Meanwhile, Nick was found dead from what shows to be a bombing and kind of blames Red for it, even though Red didn't know about it. Later in the episode, Liz, Tom, and Red were at the funeral.

Red gets into the dog grooming business and gets someone, who happens to have the cutest bulldog in the world, to search for someone that worked with Kaplan. He gets the person's belonging that includes a cell phone, and when he makes a call to a number that happens to be called and received many times, he hears Tom answering the phone.

"Ilyas Surkov" was an excellent and entertaining episode. With the very intense twist at the end when Red calls and gets Tom on the other line, the one moment or few happens to be the bulldog. That bulldog, Coco, was the cutest thing that I've ever seen and she didn't have to do a whole lot. I just wanted to take her home after Red drives away. Anyway, the writing of the episode was very good, and Spader was a good as ever once again. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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